New Poll Shows Americans Don't Support Gun Control

Steve Helber

We keep hearing all about how the American public supports gun control. To hear anti-gunners tell it, there’s nothing that would make America happier than a nice big bowl of regulations restricting our right to keep and bear arms.


But, then again, they’re not the best people to trust. After all, they can take a poll from three years ago and ring it out over the next decade, never really paying attention to the newer polls that show something completely different.

Kind of like this latest one from Rassmussen.

When asked “Addressing the problem of violent crime this week, President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass new gun-control laws. How likely is it that Congress will approve new gun-control laws?”

  • 34% said it’s likely Congress will pass new gun control laws.
  • 57% said it’s likely Congress will not pass gun control laws.
  • 11% said new gun control laws are very likely to pass.
  • 21% said it’s not at all likely that new gun control laws will pass.

When asked, “Do you agree or disagree with this statement: America’s “founders explicitly wanted an armed citizenry to keep potentially tyrannical governments in check?”

  • 32% strongly agree.
  • 22% somewhat agree.
  • 11% somewhat disagree.
  • 15% strongly disagree.
  • 20% aren’t sure.

In addition, 52 percent said that the key to combating gun violence was stricter enforcement of current gun control laws.

Sounds to me like President Biden and his anti-gun push runs pretty contrary to what the American people want. Granted, that’s not likely to stop him, since his base supports these moves, but he should probably reconsider it. After all, those who oppose gun control tend to be more highly motivated than those who support gun control.

While anti-gunners are loud and motivated, they represent a fraction of those who support gun control. Most support it as a secondary cause at best. It’s not what gets them to the polls.


So Biden is playing a dangerous game politically.

Worse, though, is the fact that he’s playing it with our rights. It’s threatening our ability to defend ourselves, both from criminals and from a tyrannical government, all because it polls well with Democrats.

Hopefully, though, the president will see this poll and start to recognize that while it may play well with his base, it doesn’t play well with the rest of America, so it’s well past time to knock it off and start looking at real solutions.

Granted, this is just one poll. It looks at 775 likely voters, which isn’t a huge sample size, but it mirrors things we’ve seen from other polls as well.

It’s just a matter of time before Washington gets the message. Gun control support hung around longer than I expected it to after Parkland, but that didn’t mean that support was eternal. Now, that supports seems to be gone, so anti-gun politicians may need to rethink their efforts if they want to keep their seats.

There’s an election next year, so pushing for gun control will likely turn out to be a bad move for the whole party.

Won’t that be amusing to watch?

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