Psaki Tries To Blame GOP For Defund The Police

Psaki Tries To Blame GOP For Defund The Police
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

If there were three words that sum up left-leaning politics in the summer of 2020, it had to be “defund the police.” It wasn’t just something a lot of Democrats said, it was something a lot of them seemed to completely believe in, though there was a whole lot of variance in what it meant to different people.

For some, it really just meant to reallocate resources for crime prevention. Others took it quite literally, they wanted to defund the police.

But through it all, it was clearly an issue for the Democrats.

Now, it seems White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wants to try and make the case that it’s the GOP who wants to defund police departments.

So, “some might say,” she claims, to try and deflect the fact that she literally tried to lay the case that Republicans are trying to defund the police because they wouldn’t back a massive spending bill that, oh yeah, had some money for police departments.

Of course, this isn’t an unusual tactic. Throw something Republican voters care about in and amidst a thousand other things, then when the GOP refuses to back it, try to claim they don’t really support that very thing. Of course, the media often runs with that claim.

In fact, I fully expect them to run with this one for days.

Then again, Psaki tried to make a case that might be too much even for a left-leaning media to swallow. After all, they all know where the mantra of “defund the police” originated. Many of them made the case for such a thing from a left-leaning point of view. They know full well that the GOP opposes such a thing and even they may not be able to bring themselves to try and make that case.

Psaki’s little dance with “some might say” is really just a way to try and plant the seed, but while BS makes plants grow, too much of it will kill any idea you want to flourish. Let’s face it, Psaki laid way too much to just ignore when she tried this one.

Let’s not forget the police departments in Democrat-run cities that cut police budgets. Let’s not ignore the soaring crime rate in these cities. Plus, let’s also not forget just how many luminaries on the left offered their support for the idea.

And what did Republicans do? They blocked a massive, bloated spending bill. That’s it.

Besides which, policing is a local issue, not a congressional one. While it’s not unusual for Congress to kick some money to local governments to help them accomplish their various responsibilities, the federal government isn’t obligated to do so. For many, such as myself, I’d rather they just stick with what’s in the Constitution and leave the rest out.

That means policing is for local governments to fund, and those local governments are the ones cutting funding. Those Democrat-run local governments. They cut the funding and it’s on them to increase that funding to fix their own mistakes.

For Psaki to try and make the argument, for her to even try and joke that the GOP is defunding the police is perhaps the most blatant lie in this first part of the Biden administration. It’s just too bad the man in the White House isn’t someone who will address that lie.

Or, frankly, remember it an hour later, if we’re being honest.