Biden Good For Economic Growth In One Industry

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President Joe Biden isn’t popular in gun circles. I mean, you can’t campaign on gun control, win, and be popular within the firearm community. It’s just not going to happen, though I doubt he really cares if he’s popular in our crowd.


However, it seems that while the president may be an absolute trainwreck in so many ways, he’s at least good for one segment of the economy.

That’s right. Just like Obama, Biden is great for gun sales.

President Joe Biden’s latest round of attacks on guns is helping to drive a historic sales surge that continues to leave store shelves bare of firearms and ammunition.

Industry officials said that June sales were the second-highest ever for the month, at about 1.3 million. Only June 2020 had a higher number for that month, at 2,177,586.

“To be clear,” said Mark Oliva, spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, “June 2021 is the second-highest June on record.”

Driving the sales surge, said industry officials, are the gun control threats from the Biden administration. Most recently, the White House has pushed a plan to tax and regulate the pistol style of AR-15 rifles and one of the most popular firearms.

And every time Biden pushes some kind of gun control, people go out and buy more guns. The only thing keeping sales from being even higher is that there just aren’t enough guns to meet demand in many places. Folks are desperate for guns and they just can’t get them.


Biden is helping the industry keep those sales high as well.

As we’re exiting the pandemic lockdowns that threatened our economy so completely, one might expect economic pressures spurring the violent crime surge to decrease, thus leading to a potential decrease in violent crime. That decrease in crime might also reduce the demand for firearms, right?

Well, not with Biden calling the shots.

Even if we get a reduction in violent crime–and I’m not hopeful of that happening with the way the president tends to handle things–there will still be a significant threat to the Second Amendment.

As we’ve seen, when people perceive a threat to the Second Amendment, they buy guns. When there’s no threat, they figure they have plenty of time to buy a gun if they need one. Yet when you have a gun-grabber-in-chief like Biden, suddenly there is a threat and it feels very real. People perceive the White House as a danger, even if there’s no chance Congress will pass gun control legislation, so they buy more guns.

For every day that Biden sits in the Oval Office, except the firearm industry to have a very, very good day. That’s not likely to change anytime soon and it won’t change. Every Democrat with anti-gun sensibilities who becomes president will likely have a similar effect on the gun industry. Hell, I’m not entirely sure that elected a pro-gun Democrat to office wouldn’t spur similar results, if only because the potential pool of gun buyers may be mistrustful of such a person.


Biden is good for gun sales, but do you want to know the truth? Most gun companies would still be better off if he weren’t in office. Short-term gains are great, but when someone wants to stamp out your entire industry? Yeah, that should always be a hard pass.

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