China Continues Efforts To Shame US Into Gun Control

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On Tuesday, Cam wrote about a story that appeared on a Chinese “news” site about our violent crime surge. Of course, it decried gun ownership because, well, China doesn’t like civilians with guns. They never have and never will. Luckily, they’re a completely other country and we don’t really have to give a damn about what they say, right?


Well, it seems they’re inclined to tell us anyway.

On Monday, the same day as the article Cam addressed, the very same Chinese media outlet posted this tweet:

Oh, dude, sick burn.

Apparently, Chinese political cartoonists are so insulated they don’t even know what AR-15s look like. Plus, they all think we’re still part of the Grunge era.

I’m sure I could tear this one apart and find all the ways they’re trying to say America sucks, but since this is China, I won’t bother. This is a nation who, at best, was too incompetent to contain COVID-19 when it was still isolated to their country, lied repeatedly about it, then allowed it to spread into a global pandemic that ground the world’s economy to a halt.

And that’s not even the evilest thing they did in 2020, either.

With that in mind, is there any reason to take their pronouncements on guns and our gun rights seriously? Well, it seems some in the media did.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes pushed a Chinese state propaganda cartoon Tuesday criticizing the U.S. over its firearms deaths, saying he was “fascinated” by how gun violence played into America’s perception around the world.

“Continue to be grimly fascinated by how much America’s truly exceptional levels of gun violence figure in the perception of the country around the world,” Hayes tweeted, with a link to a crudely drawn cartoon from thee state-owned Xinhua News.

In the cartoon, two Americans toast “to freedom” on the Fourth of July while a third gun-toting man adds “of SHOOTING!” Unsubtle like most political cartoons, it includes a gravestone with the humorously translated, “Death From Firearm.”

Hayes was sharply criticized for promoting “anti-American CCP propaganda,” as one writer put it


As he should have been.

Look, everyone should be skeptical of China’s push to see American citizens disarmed. This is a country we’re not on good terms with. While British people commenting on gun control is annoying, we can at least imagine they don’t have any nefarious purposes behind their comments.

With China, though, I can’t.

The Chinese government is one of the biggest threats to our nation, and they like it that way. They’re doing nothing to try and warm relations. Instead, they, like Russia, are trying to get involved in our politics so they can drive a wedge between the various factions we have here in the US. They want global supremacy.

Yet they have to understand that sooner or later, that may lead to war. If it does, and they launch an attack on US shores, they won’t be battling just the US military. No, they’ll be fighting what Admiral Yamamoto once apocryphally described as “a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

So yeah, I’m skeptical of their efforts through state-run media to try and pressure the United States to adopt gun control. Plus, this was on Twitter, which the average Chinese citizen isn’t allowed to access. This was for American eyes. It was designed to sew discord and, hopefully, lead to the disarmament of the American people.

While it’s possible that there’s nothing more nefarious behind this than trying to stir the pot in American politics, the truth is that the Chinese government can’t be trusted. It shouldn’t be trusted.


And, just in case any Chinese officials might happen to see this: Free Hong Kong and leave Taiwan (an independent nation) the hell alone.

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