Feds Launch Strike Force To Keep Guns Out Of LA

(AP Photo/John Locher, File)

California has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. Despite that, guns keep flowing on in. Of course, this is hardly new. This is what happens anytime a place tries to restrict firearms. Those who want them will still get them.


However, the Biden Administration has decided to step in and help poor beleaguered LA.

That’s right. The federal government is kicking off a strike force to try and prevent guns from illegally coming in from other states.

The White House announced on Monday that the US Department of Justice has launched a gun trafficking attack force in Los Angeles to prevent guns from crossing state borders from areas with weak gun control.

According to the White House, funding for strike units (also in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and the Bay Area) comes from a $ 1.9 trillion US rescue program. Strike units work to combat gun violence by targeting guns coming from other states with less gun control restrictions.

“In the first four months of this year, gun violence has skyrocketed by 70% here in Los Angeles, so the latest action by the Biden administration is needed in a timely manner,” said Los Angeles City Prosecutor Mike Feuer. I am. A coalition of 46 prosecutors working towards a solution to end violence, gun violence.

You mean gun control isn’t enough? I’m absolutely shocked.


But, of course, they’re blaming other states for their problems, which is about par for the course.

Here’s the problem, though. Most of those guns aren’t legally purchased in other states and then shipped into California. Yes, some come from gun stores, but more are stolen and then transported into places like Los Angeles. There’s a high demand in the City of Angels and someone is going to meet that demand. It’s just the way things work.

So, they’re going to get shipped in.

As for the strike force, let’s just point out how well they seem to be working in Chicago, New York, and other such places. So far, I’m sure as hell not seeing much of a difference.

In truth, it’s probably because the only way to stop guns or anything else from coming into a state–and this won’t really stop it, just reduce it–is to search every vehicle on every road going into that state. Even then, gun traffickers will just get creative about where they hide the weapons.

But this strike force won’t do that. It can’t do that, even if it wanted to.


Instead, what a strike force really does is allow the Biden administration to spend a lot of money and tell the president’s base that he’s working on the problem. Meanwhile, he’ll continue to blame these other states for the issue when these other states aren’t the ones with the problem. After all, if Indiana guns cause the problems in Chicago, why aren’t those guns causing more problems in Indiana?

It’s the same thing here.

Biden is spending billions in an effort to appease core supporters without having to really do any of the tough work of actually addressing the violent crime surge. If he were interested in doing that, he’d actually have to look beyond blaming guns.

Then again, that’s work, which is something Democrats tend to avoid, it seems.

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