Biden Official: Gun Access Prevents Stopping Domestic Terrorism

MikeGunner / Pixabay

Domestic terrorism is the big boogieman these days, according to the party in power. Of course, it wasn’t last summer when “activists” burned down pretty much every major city they could get their hands on, but it’s different when it’s their people doing things, right?

However, in recent years, there have been several incidents that can be categorized as domestic terrorism such as white supremacy-motivated attacks on Jewish synagogues as well as the attack on Republican lawmakers in Alexandria.

Now, an official with the Biden administration is claiming that a lack of gun control makes it more difficult to stop attacks like these.

“Easy access to firearms — especially certain types of firearms — can make acts of domestic terrorism more feasible to undertake and more lethal once they happen,” JOSHUA GELTZER, the deputy homeland security adviser at the NSC, told NatSec Daily in his first on-the-record interview since assuming that position this month. “As this administration works … to address some of the challenges associated with the widespread availability of firearms in this country, we are doing so with the knowledge that that is a priority in and of itself — as well as one that relates to the stepped-up efforts that we’re undertaking to address domestic terrorists.”

Geltzer piloted the first-ever “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism,” bringing together experts from across the government to understand the threat and plan for it. One aspect of the strategy includes “reducing access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and enforcing legal prohibitions that keep firearms out of dangerous hands.”

Geltzer was more explicit on the administration’s link between gun control and quashing domestic terrorism during his interview with NatSec Daily. Asked if gun reforms were imperative to stopping domestic terrorism, Geltzer replied: “I think tackling things that feed into the domestic terrorism challenge is an imperative, and there are a lot of things that feed into it. Easy access to certain types of firearms feeds into it. But so does, for example, polarization fueled by disinformation. That can make recruitment to domestic terrorism causes easier and more likely.”

I’m absolutely stunned that someone from the Biden administration would make the case that gun control would somehow help combat domestic terrorism. I mean, no one else besides, like, everyone in the administration would ever make such a case.

However, let’s also understand that the worst domestic terrorism case in the United States was Oklahoma City, which used no guns at all.

The problem with domestic terrorism, like any terrorism, isn’t that they might get weapons. They’re going to get weapons of some description, even if they have to make them.

No, the issue is to look for clues that they’re planning something, which almost always exists. There are clues that they’re up to something and people need to know that if they think something is up, they’re better off notifying the police than just assuming it’s nothing. If it turns out to be nothing, so be it, but if you fail to act and innocent people die because of that, is it something you can live with?

The truth is that gun control isn’t an essential ingredient to combating domestic terrorism. It’s not even a particularly key ingredient. It’s just another excuse the Biden administration is willing to concoct to justify infringing on our Second Amendment rights.