Hawaiian Felon Proves Just How Useless Gun Control Is

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

Gun control advocates always have an excuse for why their proposals fail. Either there are just not enough laws or guns are being funneled in from states with more permissive gun laws. There’s always something.


It’s never because gun control is a bad idea.

In fact, based on what we keep hearing from most American gun control advocates, the problem with guns in so many cities with strict gun control measures is because there are states that aren’t as strict. In fact, you’d think listening to them that if they were an island or something, criminals simply wouldn’t be able to get guns.

Luckily, we can test this.

You see, Hawaii has pretty much every measure a gun control advocate could reasonably want. It’s also an island, which means no one comes in from another state without having to pass through some kind of security that generally isn’t going to allow guns to come through. They’re as isolated as you can get.

And yet, this happens:

Prosecutors charged Loran Gross of Mountain View with 22 offenses after a massive bust at his home last week Friday.

Detectives found over 27 pounds of dried marijuana, more than 230 live marijuana plants, 14 rifles, and more than 20,000 rounds of ammunition in his possession.

Police also found a semi-automatic hand gun, along with drug paraphernalia.


Now, Gross has 10 prior felony convictions, meaning there’s no way he purchased those 14 rifles and the one semi-automatic handgun lawfully. He just couldn’t.

So, with all of Hawaii’s advantages, just how did he manage to get his grubbing little paws on them?

After all, we’re told that gun control works and the only reason places like New York or Chicago are having issues now isn’t because gun control fails, it’s because of all those other states. People just drive the guns into the Big Apple or the Windy City and sell them, thus negating all the good gun control supposedly does.

Yet Hawaii doesn’t have that going on. You simply can’t blame Indiana for criminals owning guns in Honolulu. As previously noted, you can’t get there without going through some kind of security, either via ship or plane. Ain’t no one driving there. If they are, I’m interested to know how.

No, Hawaii’s problems are their own, the same as everyone else’s. They just don’t have the luxury of blaming another nearby state. The only thing they share a border with is the Pacific Ocean, after all.


The truth of the matter is that Gross, as a felon, was willing to break the law to obtain firearms. Unless you can make all guns disappear from existence in an instant, you’re always going to have armed criminals. That’s not going to end.

What gun control does, though, is inhibit ordinary citizens from arming themselves and having the means to defend themselves from those criminals. That’s all that happens and all that will ever happen.

Gun control isn’t a serious policy position. It’s a fantasy masquerading as policy. The sooner people come to realize it, the sooner we can start talking about real solutions.

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