Lightfoot Blames Guns For Cop's Murder, Not Anti-Police Sentiment

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is always good for a laugh. Not on purpose, mind you, but she’s usually good for one. If she’s not blaming crime on Indiana, she’s doing something else equally foolish.


At no point does she ever seem to come close to getting anything right.

Meanwhile, her city is killing itself. Every Monday, there’s a new report of just how many homicides took place in Chicago over the weekend. Today, though, the numbers include a Chicago police officer.

Not good.

Meanwhile, though, Lightfoot misses on just what went wrong.

Hours after Chicago police officer Ella French was killed during a traffic stop, Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) blamed “guns,” describing them as “a common enemy.”

Breitbart News reports that French was working a traffic stop Saturday night just after 9 p.m. when at least one suspect opened fire on her and the male officer who was her partner. The gunfire proved fatal for French and left the male officer in critical condition.

There were three suspects in the car from which the gunfire came: two males and a female. CNN notes that all three suspects are in custody.

Lightfoot tweeted:


This is, of course, an effort to deflect blame. More than that, though, it’s an effort to deflect reality.

Guns are an easy scapegoat for Lightfoot, but she completely ignores that over the last year, there’s been a lot of anti-police rhetoric coming out of her own party and its supporters. Defund the police is bad enough, but it doesn’t actually call for violence.

Yet during last summer’s plethora of protests, we saw the initials ACAB among the graffiti all over the nation. That stands for “All cops are bastards.” It’s a slur directed at police officers.

It was never just about defunding police departments to direct that money toward crime prevention strategies as some believed. It was about making police officers disappear from the face of our nation.

While that sentiment is disappearing in many places, it hasn’t vanished completely. Many people hold to that.

Yet how is it that Lightfoot can know definitively that it was really about guns–firearms which were likely procured illegally in the first place, making additional laws useless–and not the anti-police rhetoric her party has backed over and over again? Did the suspects confess that they really do respect cops, but they had these guns and didn’t know what else to do?


I’m willing to put money down that they didn’t.

Even if these individuals don’t say it, though, the anti-police rhetoric likely influenced them to some degree. They saw two police officers and figured they could do whatever they wanted.

But leave it to Lightfoot to make it about guns. That way she can blame other states for her problems, as per usual. It’s actually amazing how so few in Chicago seem interested in calling her out on these antics. She can’t deal with the problems in her city, so she blamed completely different states and no one seems interested in telling her that she can’t influence gun laws in Indiana, so stop complaining and find another potential solution.

That, however, would require Lightfoot to do her job, and we know how that’s likely to go.

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