Hundreds Of Guns Seized In Oregon Raids

Hundreds Of Guns Seized In Oregon Raids
AP Photo/Don Thompson

Oregon is a pretty progressive state. However, their gun laws don’t completely suck. At least, not yet.

While they have red flag laws and universal background checks, they also have “shall issue” permits and no assault weapon ban. Honestly, things could be worse in the Pacific Northwest.

Of course, I don’t expect that to hold up for long. I expect gun laws to tighten up a lot in the near future.

However, in the meantime, laws like their universal background check measure are supposed to keep guns out of criminal hands. Well, we see how well that worked.

Multnomah County sheriff’s deputies seized nearly 400 firearms in back-to-back busts in recent months, one of which was the largest weapons seizure in the agency’s history.

Officials executed a search warrant July 29 at a Clackamas County home and found 337 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and high-capacity magazines. Deputies also found methamphetamine inside the home, officials said.

The bust was the largest weapons seizure in Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office’s history, according to officials. The agency has not disclosed the address of the home.

Within the house, garage and storage unit, deputies said they found 44 firearms, including the two military-grade machine guns that were found inside a hidden compartment. Deputies also found more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition, including high-capacity magazines, drums and belts, according to the sheriff’s office.

The search also yielded more than 1,000 grams of methamphetamine, drug packaging materials and 500 fentanyl pills, deputies said. The seized drugs were estimated to have a street value of $20,000, officials said.

[Lonnie] Sahm told deputies that he was in a gang and that he knew he was not allowed to possess firearms as a convicted felon.


It looks like all of those laws meant to keep guns out of the hand of people like Sahm worked like a dream, didn’t they?

I mean, he got his hands on drugs and guns despite all of the laws meant to keep him from getting either. Why it’s almost like criminals just don’t obey laws at all. What’s the world coming to when you can find a good, decent, law-abiding criminal anymore?

Looking at the guns, most are either handguns or bolt-action rifles, which is interesting because there doesn’t seem to be an assault weapon ban in the state. Kind of curious, if you ask me.

Anyway, moving on, once again we see how gun control laws don’t actually keep guns out of criminals’ hands. Instead, they just make things more difficult for the law-abiding citizen. While Sahm reportedly got his hands on more guns than most of us own, he was prohibited from having them while you and I aren’t. It seems to me that if a felon can get this many firearms, maybe the laws that are meant to keep them disarmed might just not be worth the paper the laws are printed on in the first place.

Oh, I get that many will disagree with me. Then again, they tend to think that if you just pass one more law, you can make it impossible for someone like Sahm to get guns at all, so their judgment should be questioned anyway.