Will Afghanistan Fiasco Scuttle Biden's Gun Control Push?

Will Afghanistan Fiasco Scuttle Biden's Gun Control Push?
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Afghanistan has dominated the news cycle for the last few days, and it’s understandable why. It’s an absolute mess, with people trying to hitch rides on the outside of planes just to get away from the Taliban. It’s ugly.


Right now, there’s not really anything good about what happened. However, some are trying to find a silver lining.

I don’t blame them. There’s an inherent need in humanity to try and find a positive in any negative as a way to feel just a bit better about the horrible nature of what happened.

However, some are speculating that Afghanistan may well doom Biden’s gun control push.

Alan M. Gottlieb, the Second Amendment Foundation’s founder and executive vice president, says that out of the swirling chaos may come a silver lining for American gun owners.

“The silver lining might be that there’s such a mess going on, they won’t have time to put through their anti-gun agenda, because right now they have so much other stuff on their plate,” Gottlieb said Sunday night on Armed American Radio.

“Gun control may not be anywhere near the front burner for Biden now because of all the other problems he’s got to worry about,” Gottlieb said. “Right now, we’ve got it bottled up … A lot of gun owners got engaged early to stop the gun-ban agenda.”

He also predicts the Senate will reject Chipman. “Now, I think it’s actually 60/40 that we’re going to defeat the nomination,” he said.

Still, Gottlieb remains cautions.


That’s certainly wise, and Gottlieb is right…for the moment. Right now, President Joe Biden isn’t likely to put too much attention toward gun control because his entire administration is in damage control mode over Afghanistan.

But I think that’s going to be pretty short-lived.

See, Biden can’t get anything through Congress. The 50/50 split in the Senate has kept things in check there. That means he’s having to accomplish anything and everything he can through executive orders. There’s nothing to stop that. Especially since, let’s be real here, the American public is outraged about Afghanistan but will be distracted by something else in the next couple of weeks.

At that point, Biden will be fine doing whatever he wants.

However, there’s a way that the mess in Afghanistan will prevent even that.

Right now, people are upset. Pundits and personalities from all sides of the aisle lashed out at the delayed reaction to the Fall of Kabul. While they were quick to try and cover after he spoke on Monday, there have definitely been some chinks in the armor.  That may well hurt him next year in the midterms.


If that’s the case, then it could trigger a red wave far beyond what we already expect. As a result, it may well be enough for Congress to be able to override any new executive orders Biden wishes to issue.

A lot of people forget that executive orders can be overridden. They rarely are, but there is a mechanism for that to happen, which offers a bit of hope.

But that’s down the road. We still have a long time between then and now. In the meantime, let’s hope the distraction becomes enough to occupy a lot of Biden’s time over the next couple of years.

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