NY AG: NRA Hasn't Cleaned Up Its Act, So It Has To Go

(Holly Pickett/The New York Times via AP, Pool, File)

The NRA is the largest Second Amendment group in the United States. It’s also the oldest civil rights group in America. The fact that it’s also the greatest boogieman the anti-Second Amendment crowd can think of is also a thing.

However, there have been some troubling revelations about the group of late. Accusations that people spent money on things they shouldn’t have.

And a lot of pro-gun people have opinions on that.

Regardless, though, New York Attorney General Letitia James believes the NRA needs to be dissolved.

The National Rifle Association hasn’t cleaned up rampant financial and managerial misconduct as it claimed over the past year, illustrating the need for the gun-rights group to be dissolved, New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a court filing.

A failed bid for bankruptcy protection earlier this year exposed the hollowness of the organization’s claim to have corrected the mismanagement, which included lavish spending by its longtime leader Wayne LaPierre and other serious lapses, James said in an amended lawsuit in New York state court. The attorney general said even the bankruptcy judge had cited the “shocking” level of authority LaPierre exercised over the group.

James, who sued to dissolve the New York-chartered nonprofit a year ago, said in her new complaint Monday that the NRA’s “evasion of accountability” has “continued unabated.” She said the organization’s leaders intentionally disregarded proper corporate governance, wasted charitable assets, falsely reported improper transactions, and allowed insiders to take advantage of the NRA.

Several alleged abuses were highlighted during a bankruptcy trial in Texas federal court, where a judge in May rejected the NRA’s attempt to reorganize as not having been filed in good faith. The court wrote that the NRA’s bankruptcy was part of an inappropriate attempt to avoid James’s lawsuit. The judge also said he was concerned about the “surreptitious manner” in which LaPierre excluded NRA board members and executives from his decision to file for bankruptcy.

‘Politically-Motivated Attack’

The NRA disputed the attorney general’s claims.

“It is now more evident than ever that the NYAG’s action is a politically-motivated attack,” William A. Brewer III, counsel to the NRA, said in an email. “In 2018, without a shred of evidence to support her action, the NYAG called the NRA a ‘terrorist organization’ and a ‘criminal enterprise.’ Predictably, she now quotes selectively from a federal court ruling and suggests that it supports her claims against the NRA.”

The problem for James is that Brewer is right. She did make all of those claims.

What’s more, anyone with a brain knows that James isn’t trying to look out for the good of the NRA’s membership. She wants to destroy the boogieman so she can advance within the Democratic Party. Think about how much hay Joe Biden made about “beating” the NRA, then imagine what James would be like if she actually got the group dissolved?

That’s what this is about and we all know it.

Look, if she can find where NRA leadership did anything illegal, then make arrests. Arrest the perpetrators and let the organization deal with the aftermath.

The fact that she hasn’t suggests that doesn’t have any/enough evidence to do so.

Instead, she’s hoping to shatter the NRA because, like so many others, she believes the NRA is the only thing preventing gun control. The problem for James is the NRA is so powerful because it represents people like you and me, even if we’re not members. Slay the giant and another giant will rise up. Probably more than one.

Now, I know that some of you have feelings where the NRA is concerned. You’re not crazy about these allegations and if even some of them are true, you want nothing to do with the NRA.

That’s your right.

However, let’s also remember that if James can get away with this, no group’s existence is safe. People like her will be waiting to pounce on honest mistakes in the future to try and pull this again.

Just something to think about.