Arrest Shows How Well Virginia's Gun Control Is Working

(AP Photo/Colleen Long)

Virginia was a pretty pro-gun state until not that long ago. Then Governor Ralph Northam got elected and that marked the beginning of the end of that kind of thing. With a blue wave then crashing through the legislature and it was game on for gun control.

But that happened a couple of years ago now. Long enough that it might be time to take a look at just how well gun control is working there in the Old Dominion State.

After all, we keep getting told that gun control works, right? So let’s take a look and see:

The Virginia Beach Police Department says it confiscated multiple weapons at the Oceanfront Saturday night.

Captain Harry McBrien said in a tweet Sunday, Aug. 22 that two juveniles were seen on camera brandishing guns. Officers later confronted them and seized the weapons.

According to police, one of the concealed guns was reported as stolen.

Oh, that well, huh?

Now, police said one of the guns was stolen, but let’s be honest, both probably were. The other firearm was likely stolen from someone who reported it without the serial number. As such, it didn’t come up as stolen, which means the little crapmonster doesn’t get that charge as well, which is why you should always keep your serial numbers somewhere they can be nice and safe in case something happens.

You’d like the person with your gun to get hammered for having a stolen gun, right?

But, with that in mind, let’s do a quick rundown. Two juveniles were able to obtain firearms and then brandish them in public, all while Northam and his fellow Democrats have pushed out multiple gun control laws. Hmmmmmm.

Of course, to be fair, it wouldn’t have mattered. See, something I understand that Northam and company don’t is that gun control laws don’t impact criminal behavior. Those kids would have gotten those guns no matter what laws you put in place.

Hell, it’s already illegal for them to be walking around with guns in their possession and concealed in the first place. That didn’t stop them. Little would, truth be told.

That’s because, unlikely most kids, these two are criminals. They obtained the weapons illegally in the first place. What laws are actually going to stop that? No, seriously, I’d like to know.

The answer, of course, is that there aren’t any. These are criminals engaged in criminal behavior. By definition, they’re already breaking any number of laws, so what’s one more?

Look, I get the desire to “do something,” but just doing a thing doesn’t mean that thing is actually useful. Gun control isn’t. Not only does it infringe on our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, but it doesn’t do a thing to actually inhibit criminal behavior. While some parties like to focus on “gun crime,” the truth is that violent crime is violent crime. If I lose a loved one to violent crime, I’m not going to feel better that they were stabbed to death.

Sorry, it’s just not going to happen.

Gun control fails. It fails every time. The fact that two kids got guns in Virginia should prove that beyond the shadow of a doubt. Unfortunationaly, some people are oblivious to reality.