Could California Gun Control Be Coming To An Abrupt Halt?

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The state of California has long held the title of most anti-gun state in the nation. Time and time again, we’ve seen anti-Second Amendment legislation that wouldn’t make it out of committee in most states actually get passed. These bad ideas then filter out and infest other states like some kind of virus.

I’ve long wondered what would happen if California became pro-Second Amendment.

Of course, that’s probably not likely to happen. However, what we may well see is a new governor in the state, one that actually is pretty pro-gun.

California’s next governor could be a Black conservative who would erase state vaccine and mask mandates, is critical of gun control, disputes the notion of systemic racism in America and opposes the minimum wage because he says it tramples the free market.

The rapid ascent of Republican Larry Elder in the Sept. 14 recall election that could remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is a striking turn in a state regarded as a Democratic fortress and national showcase for liberal policies on climate change, immigration and health care.

Elder is a talk radio host who Newsom identifies as his biggest threat in an election widely acknowledged as tight. Elder is promising to reverse California’s progressive drift that he blames for an unrelenting homeless crisis, high taxes, spiking crime rates and government creep into people’s lives and livelihoods — from “anti-science” coronavirus mandates to regulations he says slow-walk housing construction.

As noted, Elder is critical of gun control. He’s actually got a good chance at becoming governor, too. The polls are a bit confusing due to the fact that first, the ballot has a question of whether Gov. Gavin Newsom should be recalled, which is then followed by which candidate should replace him.

The polling suggests that the majority are siding with Newsome remaining in office, but the results tend to be within the margin of error, so it really could go either way.

Yet in the matter of who should replace Newsom, Elder has a firm lead over his opponents.

Now, imagine that we see Elder win. It seems unlikely that there will be much new gun control legislation coming out of California, at least while he’s in office. The creep on people’s right to keep and bear arms in the state would come to a halt.

More than that, though, we may start seeing more and more people take a pro-gun position in the aftermath, especially if Elder is able to act on his agenda and it works, which I think it will. They’ll possibly be open to new things such as repealing some of the state’s draconian anti-gun regulations.

Of course, I’m an optimist.

Regardless, Californians will get at least a little time where they won’t have to worry as much about their gun rights facing further infringement. That will probably be enough of a relief for millions in the state. That’ll be better than most of them have had in ages.

At that point, any reversal of anti-Second Amendment policies will likely feel like a huge bonus.