Woman Pulls Gun In Burger King Over Wrong Drink Order

I hate going to get fast food. Not because I hate the food itself so much as I hate dealing with the people that work in the restaurants. So many think they’re worth $15 an hour but can’t comprehend the phrase “no pickles.” So I get people being upset. Yet as bad as it’s been in a fast food place, I’ve never thought about pulling a gun on the staff.

Granted, I can imagine situations where I might. A staff member flips out and tries to kill a customer or fellow employee, for example, is a case where I might.

But what about a wrong drink order? I mean, it can be annoying, but never over something like that.

Not everyone agrees, apparently.

A woman pulled a gun on a drive-thru employee at a Fort Mill Burger King after her drink order was wrong, the York County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday.

Deputies responded to calls regarding the violent incident around 9 a.m. on Monday at the franchise location at 3400 Highway 21 in Fort Mill.

Police have identified the alleged gunwoman as Sonya Stinson, 46, from Lancaster, PA.

Now, do I really need to tell you this is how not to behave as a gun owner? Is that necessary? I certainly hope not.

I mean, a wrong drink order is bad. It can even be dangerous–a diabetic getting a sugary drink, for example–but it’s never going to be something you shoot someone else over.

Seriously, when I was in high school, some buddies and I were at a restaurant when one of the guys got up to hit the head. While he was gone, the waitress poured sweet tea into his one-third or so full glass of Coke. My other friend and I just looked at each other and decided not to say anything. When Ken came out of the bathroom and took a drink, he about spit it out.

The look on his face was hilarious. The whole event was hilarious

What it wasn’t, though, was grounds to shoot someone. It was a mistake. You don’t threaten to shoot people over such simple mistakes.

Hell, you don’t threaten to shoot people over the rude behavior I’ve seen at fast-food restaurants, nor over people refusing to make mistakes right.

What will be interesting is to learn more about Ms. Stinson. I’d be surprised to learn she’s a well-adjusted member of society, though I suppose it could happen. I suspect, though, that she has some kind of mental health issue.

After all, well-adjusted people don’t pull guns on people over a drink order. Even most not-so-well-adjusted people don’t pull a gun on people over something like that.

Again, you shouldn’t need me to tell you not to do something like that. You really shouldn’t. If you do, please do everyone else a favor. Sell your guns and take up video game archery or something instead. We really don’t need you in the ranks of gun owners.

Or humanity, if I’m going to be perfectly honest.

What Stinson (allegedly) may not realize, though, is that if she did that to the wrong person, she could well have ended up shot herself. More than that, though, the shooter would likely walk in most states.

Don’t be stupid with guns, but if you do, I believe stupid should hurt. A lot.