Canada's Trudeau Doubles Down On Gun Control


I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but at one time, Canada had more guns per capita than the United States. There’s a good reason why, too. After all, so much of the country is wilderness; people are going to have guns.


But Canadians aren’t Americans, despite their apparent love of guns. They’re willing to tolerate a whole lot more in the way of gun control than we are.

I mean, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau banned a number of guns by decree, essentially, and they let that stand.

Now, Trudeau is talking about doing still more if he retains his office.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is attacking his main rival over gun control and safety on the twenty-second day of the federal election campaign as he pledged tighter controls on guns already banned by his government and funding for provinces to prohibit guns locally.

Trudeau targeted Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole over a proposed repeal of a Liberal ban on 1,500 firearms — a position the Tory leader reversed on Sunday.

During a Sunday morning campaign stop in Markham, Ont., Trudeau outlined Liberal plans to strengthen the existing rules if re-elected.

“These guns have no place in our communities and have no place anywhere in Canada,” Trudeau said.

The Conservative Party’s election platformed promised to repeal the Liberals’ 2020 ban on some 1,500 firearms branded by the government as “assault-style weapons.”. But O’Toole said Sunday that he would keep those measures in place and review them if elected on Sept. 20.

On Sunday, Trudeau highlighted the Liberals’ campaign promise to offer owners of weapons affected by the ban the option of selling them to the government or having them rendered inoperable. Those include the AR-15 rifle and the Ruger Mini-14, which was used in the deadly Ecole Polytechnique massacre of 1989.

“You can’t buy these guns, you can’t sell these guns, you can’t use these guns. And even if you own one today, no one gets a pass,” Trudeau said.


Your average Canadian is a whole lot more trusting of their government than I am, that’s for sure. Not everyone, mind you, but enough that there’s a chance Trudeau will continue his personal war against gun rights in the nation. Let’s remember that much of this started after a photo of Prime Minister Cosplay dressed as Aladin surfaced, complete with brownface.

Like Gov. Ralph Northam, he shifted gears and decided to go after guns, causing the press to drop the issue. Funny how that seems to make “blackface” and “brownface” scandals so unimportant? It’s almost like it doesn’t matter if you’re pushing an agenda the media likes.


Anyway, Trudeau has indicated that he wants to help provinces ban handguns, which are essential for self-defense, especially in Canada’s larger cities.

Again, at just the suggestion, Americans would lose their minds and be taking to the streets. We’d be ready to tar and feather politicians who tried to go that far with gun bans.

Keep in mind that all that’s going to survive in Canada, if they’re lucky, are non-semi-automatic rifles and shotguns by the time this is all said and done. At least, if Trudeau gets his way.


Then again, Canada isn’t the United States. They don’t have a Second Amendment that will protect their rights in the courts. They may as well look at defeats in the legislature as lost causes. Sure, they can switch the government and reverse it, but who knows if that will actually happen.

Either way, it makes me damn proud to be an American.

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