The Squad Wants To Defund Police, Spends Big On Private Security

The Squad Wants To Defund Police, Spends Big On Private Security
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Ever since The Squad first became a thing, people have granted them way too much attention. None of the members of the quartet seem to have any real power in the halls of Congress. Their own party seems to treat them as if they’re the kiddie table of the Democratic caucus. In a way, they kind of are.


While their extreme leftism plays well in their home districts, it doesn’t do so well with the rest of America. That means that while their seats may well be secure, their rhetoric is damaging the party as a whole.

But that’s not their only sin. Not by a longshot.

One of those extreme leftist beliefs is that the police should be defunded. They’ve pushed for it. Meanwhile, they’re spending a lot on private security.

It’s a tight race among “defund the police” Democrats in this year’s chutzpah Olympics, but New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other House members of “the Squad” are well-positioned to take home the gold. Fully embracing the politics of “good for thee, but not for me,” AOC, Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, Massachusetts’s Ayanna Pressley, and the newest Squad member, Missouri’s Cori Bush, are among the most vocal advocates for defunding — while also being, according to Federal Election Commission reports, among the biggest spenders on personal security.

All these legislators support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which passed the House last summer but has stalled in the Senate. Pressley has also sponsored the BREATHE Act, a bill supported by Black Lives Matters leaders, who believe the Floyd Act doesn’t go far enough. The BREATHE Act, which calls for total elimination of federal law enforcement agencies, particularly those assigned to curtail illegal drug and immigration activities, would initially apply only at the federal level but would ultimately affect state and local policing in these areas as well.

Yet despite their rhetoric and legislative proposals, Squad members are relying on private security — or, in the case of the Squad’s male member, New York representative Jamaal Bowman, local police — to provide the protection that they would deny their own constituents.


I find this particularly hypocritical considering not just are they working to defund the police but they also universally support gun control.

They want to inhibit your ability to protect your family while also making it more difficult for the police to respond to a call for help. Meanwhile, they’re spending taxpayer money to outsource their own security, something most people simply can’t do.

Yeah, I’ve got a problem with that.

See, in my mind, gun control and “defund the police” are antithetical positions. You cannot claim that you need to restrict gun ownership and then in the same breath argue that we need to spend less on the very police you want us to call instead of having a gun. It makes no freaking sense.

But, then again, neither does a lot of other stuff The Squad says.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. The fact that they think they’re entitled to additional protection while seeking to deny you even basic police protection illustrates just how severely wrong they truly are.

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