Wisconsin AG Thinks GOP Should Stop Questioning Election, Pass Gun Control

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Questioning election results or gun control.

That’s not exactly the kind of “either/or” question most of us consider. After all, the two positions seemingly have little to do with one another, except maybe for the fact that those who are questioning the election results aren’t fans of gun control.

However, the Wisconsin attorney general sees it a bit differently, apparently. He seems to think that if Republican lawmakers didn’t have questions about what happened in November, they’d be all in on restricting your Second Amendment rights.

At least, that’s sure what it sounds like.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul on Thursday accused Republicans of chasing conspiracy theories with a $680,000 taxpayer-funded investigation into the 2020 election instead of passing gun control measures polls have shown have broad public support.

Kaul, a Democrat who is up for reelection next year, appeared with a host of Democratic lawmakers and gun safety advocates at a news conference to renew the call for a universal background check and “red flag” law. Republicans who control the state Legislature have repeatedly rejected both.

Sure, because Republicans were going to trip over themselves to pass that even if there were no questions at all about the election.

Honestly, the whole thing strikes me as hilarious.

Yes, I get that Kaul thinks the investigation is a waste of time. Frankly, I don’t think it’s going to find anything either, though probably not for the same reason he does.

Regardless, the idea that Republicans would pass a red flag law without the distraction is laughable.

The thing is, Kaul knows that too.

See, red flag laws are polling well in so many places that they’re officially considered “popular.” They may well be popular, but there are also serious problems with them. After all, taking someone’s guns then getting around to the whole due process thing is a tremendous problem for a lot of us.

What Kaul is trying to do, though, is make it look like a popular bill isn’t going to get passed because Republicans are doing something he doesn’t like. Frankly, he’s underestimating the intelligence of people in Wisconsin.  They realize the GOP can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. If they were interested in passing this bill, they would.

And I doubt Republican lawmakers’ constituents are losing much sleep over this. While red flag laws may poll well, that polling doesn’t show how strong that support is. Very rarely are otherwise pro-gun folks going to bounce an elected official because of a pro-gun stance, even if they disagree with that particular stance.

Frankly, if this is the only arrow in his quiver, he’s kind of boned.

But, the media has made a lot of this claim, blasting it all over the internet and trying to gin up some outrage that would work in Kaul’s favor, but I think they’re going to have a very, very long wait, all things considered.

And, to be honest, they should.

Attorney General Kaul is playing politics and trying to further divide people at a time when we’re divided enough. I’m sure that’ll benefit him come time for reelection, but it doesn’t help the people of Wisconsin.