Gun Control Isn't Helping NYC

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The city of New York has the toughest gun control laws in the country. They’re the kind of laws that would spark riots in much of the nation, but not in New York City. No, they’re fine with it.


Most people, anyway.

Like anywhere, there are those in the Big Apple who object to the city’s draconian restrictions on the Second Amendment and are taking issue with them. Unsurprisingly, others are actively opposing them.

Now, the matter is before the Supreme Court, and some don’t like that.

First, the New York Daily News editorial board had to take issue with so-called “ghost guns.”

The first is the availability of untraceable, serial-number-free ghost guns like the one used outside an uptown bar early Monday morning, when a man shot four patrons before an NYPD sergeant managed to disable him. Ghost guns are assembled from parts bought online or milled or printed and then built at home from plans found online. The NYPD says it recovered about 150 of them last year, more than triple the number it seized in 2019 and nine times 2018′s total. So far in 2021, 135 have been recovered. Yikes.

Oh, wow, 150 and 135 “ghost guns” were recovered…in a city of 8.4 million people.

Excuse me if I’m not prepared to wet my pants over numbers that amount to statistical noise in such a large city.

They then focus on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Corlett. Guess which side they come down on?


As New York City argued in a compelling brief filed with the high court last week, the “proper cause” requirement written into state law is necessary to keep New Yorkers safe, and fully consistent with the sane interpretation of the Second Amendment laid down over many generations. Deep-sixing it, and by judicial fiat establishing a national right to carry a concealed weapon, would be a radical and life-threatening move by a majority that claims to respect the Constitution, states’ rights and precedent.

Except, that “compelling brief” is complete BS.

All the “proper cause” requirement does is allow officials to arbitrarily determine who can and cannot exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Of course, the New York Daily News editorial board seems to believe rights fall by the wayside when things get uncomfortable. People being able to get permits without having to justify it makes them very uncomfortable, which is really what I expect SCOTUS to rule. I don’t think we’re going to see nationwide constitutional carry, though I’d love it, but the board wants people to fear that possibility.

However, the good news is that I’m quite sure the SCOTUS majority has little interest in keeping the editorial board of a liberal paper in a liberal city happy.


They’re going to rule the way they’re going to rule and that will be it. At the end of it, we’ll know something and some people will be happy, some will be sad, and some will wish the ruling had gone further.

But the editorial board would do well to get their knickers out of the twist they’re in because they’re not accomplishing anything.

Especially since, let’s be honest, those gun control laws have hardly helped the city. Right now, violence is surging in the city like so many other large communities. What good have those gun laws actually done? Not much.

They have, however, kept law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves or others from violent assaults.

For all the fearmongering in the editorial, it’s strangely devoid of the fact that the laws they’re calling for, be it maintaining the status quo or radically overturning it, would do nothing for New York City or anywhere else in the country.

Funny, that.

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