Democrats Turn Attention To School Shooting Bill

ebpilgrim / Pixabay

School shootings are a serious issue, to be sure. No one likes the idea of sending Little Timmy off to school, only for them to end up shot in the one place they shouldn’t have to worry about.

Contrary to what the anti-Second Amendment crowd thinks, none of us are fine with these kinds of things taking place. We’d all like to see them go away.

I’m pretty sure the new bill being pushed by some Democrats isn’t going to change anything for the better, though.

Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz says right now lawmakers don’t really have a clear picture of school shootings in America. She says they rely on media reports and outside organizations for information.

“Without this data, those who push back without sensible and obvious reform, to prevent further gun violence, will continue to cherry pick statistics to maintain status quo, which is an ugly reality,” she said.

If passed, the law would require the Department of EducationDepartment of Justice, and Human and Health Services to provide reports of school shootings.

The reports would detail the following:

  • fatalities
  • shooter, victims, and survivor demographics
  • shooter motivation
  • types of firearms and ammunition used

It would also detail building design to find vulnerabilities and track response and communication to get a better understanding of what worked.

This is a bill that failed last year.

Wasserman Schultz tries to frame this as evil Republicans calling this gun control masked as data collection–more on that in a moment–but it failed in committee. In the House.

The same House that’s controlled by her party.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just Republicans that thought this was a terrible use of taxpayer money.

But let’s get into the arguments for a moment. Is it data collection or is it gun control? This particular bit as described is really just data collection. What’s telling, though, is what the data they want to collect is.

When you start trying to detail types of firearms and ammunition used, there’s really only one purpose for that data based on what we’ve seen out of Wasserman Schultz’s part of late. That’s to focus future gun control efforts.

Now, I actually think looking at building design to find vulnerabilities and things like that are great. Looking at shooter motivation is awesome. The problem is that I just don’t trust the Democrats enough to not look at any data collection efforts that focus on guns at all to be motivated by anything but anti-Second Amendment sentiment.

After all, does it really matter what kind of gun the shooters use? The victims are just as dead whether it was a revolver or an M2 machine gun.

But since there’s a perception that the dreaded AR-15 is the evilest evil to ever evil, I can’t help but wonder if this is nothing more than an attempt to try and “prove” it via data collection, thus trying to justify an assault weapon ban. If so, I suspect they’d be disappointed in what they find.

Further, there’s a problem in what isn’t suggested for tracking, such as whether the school was actually in session.

Some who track so-called school shootings like to include anything at all that takes place on school property. That includes shootings after hours or during summer break. Others have included a shooting where the gun was fired and a round struck an empty school building.

Will this data be included?

Right now, I just don’t trust the Democrats to not try and stack the deck against the Second Amendment and using school shootings to justify it, nor should anyone else.