There Are Broader Implications To Allowing "Mutual Combat"

There Are Broader Implications To Allowing "Mutual Combat"
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On Wednesday, Cam wrote about the decision out of Chicago to not prosecute anyone due to “mutual combat.” It was rather insane, to say the least. One party shows up to shoot at another party, the other party fires back, so State’s Attorney Kim Foxx figures no one should get prosecuted because people fought back?


It’s kind of insane, really.

However, in an editorial at the Washington Examiner, it’s suggested this is part of a broader trend.

Thanks in some large part to Foxx, Chicago has no safe neighborhoods left. Ken Griffin, Chicago’s wealthiest resident, has said that “Chicago is like Afghanistan on a good day, and that’s a problem.” He is talking about picking up his multibillion-dollar hedge fund and leaving for someplace where financial managers are actually willing to live. He also took it personally when someone “tried to carjack the security detail” outside his home, because it’s become that bad.

It’s really quite simple to explain what has happened. Wealthy leftist donors such as George Soros have decided they find it amusing to endanger Chicagoans and the inhabitants of other major cities by funding the campaigns of incompetent, dishonest, soft-on-crime district attorneys such as Foxx, Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby, and others. Based on the spike in violent crime over which these Soros DAs have presided, it seems safe to say that this project is making America’s cities uninhabitable again.

So-called “Soros prosecutors” are also dropping charges and releasing violent, hardened career criminals into San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and other increasingly undesirable cities. The result has been a national crime wave disproportionately concentrated in those cities. This is a major reason why there were so many additional black lives that ended violently in 2020 , as the FBI’s latest data indicate. This is where soft-on-crime liberals are taking the country.


The fact that Soros backed these prosecutors is fascinating to me, in part because they’re all so universally bad for their respective cities. This refusal to prosecute crimes only leads to more criminal acts. After all, if you can get away with it, why not?

And yes, more crime in these cities is making them more uninhabitable.

Ironically, this is at the same time when Soros-backed politicians are trying to make life untenable in the rural parts of the nation as well via proposed regulations on things like guns and increased costs for transportation.

In other words, they want everyone in cities, but they also are turning the cities into hellscapes–no need to do that with Atlanta. They already have I-285 for that.

Now, the question becomes whether this is intentional or incidental. I’m inclined to say the latter, mostly because I don’t think Soros or anyone else is really competent enough to become that much of a supervillain. That said, I can’t dismiss the more conspiratorially-minded folks who think this is the purpose rather than just a side effect.

Regardless of why, it’s a sad fact that these prosecutors are making cities worse. Foxx’s refusal to prosecute people engaged in freaking gunfights on city streets is just one example of how ridiculous things are getting.


Cam suggested a kind of dueling ground yesterday, a place where these fights could take place without disturbing the populace. I’d be down with that since it would reduce the likelihood of stray bullets hitting innocent people.

I also agree with the Washington Examiner folks. This kind of stuff is making our cities uninhabitable long-term.

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