Police Report 3 Guns In NYC Public Schools

Brett_Hondow / Pixabay

New York City has more gun control laws than any other place in the nation. Their firearm laws are on par with some foreign nations that lack anything approaching Second Amendment protections.

These are the kind of laws that we’re told are absolutely essential to our safety. We’re told these laws will keep firearms out of our schools.

Couple that with the fact that all New York City public schools are great big gun-free zones and they really should be the safest places in the country.

Yeah…about that…

Three guns were confiscated from city students inside high school buildings in a matter of hours Wednesday — two in the Bronx and one in Brooklyn, sources told The Post.

An 18-year-old student refused to pass through a metal detector at the Mott Haven Educational Campus in the Bronx where scanners are installed on random days, according to law enforcement sources.

He ran from the building and attempted to hide a .22-caliber pistol in his backpack, sources said.

After the building was placed on lockdown, the gun was recovered by school staffers without further incident.

At Adlai Stevenson High School, also in the Bronx, a student was busted with a loaded .32-caliber weapon and a bag of marijuana after the items were detected in the school’s full-time scanner, sources said.

A third gun was discovered at FDR High School in Brooklyn Wednesday afternoon during a fight between a pair of students.

After school safety agents separated them, staffers spotted a gun in the waistband of one of the participants.

Now, two of the guns were found by the scanners, which is good news. It’s why those are there because apparently, schools recognize that the gun-free zone sign on the door isn’t really going to do much of anything to deter those who want to break the law.

Who knew?

The third, however, wasn’t. It was on school property and who knows how often the student had brought the gun to school before that day. Based on what we’re told happened, it’s fortunate no one was shot.

Clearly, gun control in New York City and the gun-free zone laws revolving around schools there just aren’t cutting it, are they?

Then, let’s remember Cam’s story from earlier today where teachers are begging for school resource officers to return to their schools. They were taken out because “cops are bad” and other such nonsense, yet teachers want them back. Why? Probably for similar reasons as to why this is happening.

Look, whatever the hell is going on with people losing their minds and shooting up everything isn’t constrained to legal adults. A lot of teenagers are losing their minds as well. It’s going to spill into public schools.

And if only two out of three guns were caught, how many are in those schools right now? This is one of those cases where you can’t be 66 percent effective because that one gun might be the one that leads to tragedy.

Plus, this is the New York City school system, one of the largest systems with the largest budget in the nation, and they can’t keep guns out of their schools. Just how is a rural school system in Iowa supposed to?

And some people wonder why I support arming teachers.