David Hogg Blames Filibuster For People's Deaths

David Hogg Blames Filibuster For People's Deaths
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

No one really expects articulated, reasoned arguments from David Hogg. I mean, it’s not like he actually knows how to do one of those, so far as I’ve been able to tell. Instead, he tries to articulate what other people have said.

And that’s at best.

When he does try to go down his own road, he says some pretty stupid things. Stuff kind of like this:

Oh, boy.

Now, understand, I believe that Hogg actually believes this. Yet a fact he probably hasn’t encountered at Harvard yet–and probably never will, if we’re being honest–is that his belief in something doesn’t change the actual reality of anything.

People aren’t being killed because we aren’t passing red flag laws or universal background checks. They’re being killed because there are people out there who don’t respect human life.

It’s just that simple.

They take a grudge and amplify it to the point that they feel justified in shooting that person days or weeks later. They don’t understand or care that this is a real human being who has just as much of a right to live as anyone else.

That is the problem, yet one David Hogg and a whole lot of his buddies seem to think that it’s better to blame the tool than the tool using it.

Even if you made all the guns disappear in an instant, those people would just turn to other methods to kill their perceived enemies. Yet then you’d also have the problem of disarmed citizens being unable to protect themselves. After all, defensive gun uses are more common than so-called gun crimes.

Plus, his push for gun control ignores the fact that most criminals get their guns through illegal means in the first place.

So no, the filibuster isn’t killing anyone. Our refusal to budge on the Second Amendment isn’t killing anyone. Based on defensive gun use statistics, quite the contrary, actually.

What probably is killing people, though, is the anti-gun insistence that gun control is the only real solution to so-called gun violence. That we somehow have no other options in this country except to further infringe on people’s rights to keep and bear arms.

That’s simply not true.

All around the nation, programs are being implemented that seek to address violence at its root. It won’t shift the violence from one weapon to another or anything of the sort. They seek to pluck it from society like a weed but do so before it can even break the surface. That is how you save lives.

Yet where are David Hogg and all his buddies on that? They’re so fixated on guns that they simply can’t see any other potential solutions. Of course, it’s not really about the violence. It’s about the fact that some people do things that people like him don’t actually approve of. They don’t want you to have guns. That’s it. That’s all it’s about. If Hogg was that anti-violence, we’d see him also talking about knives, bats, and such, most of which are used to kill more people every year than the AR-15 he’s so fixated on.

I hate to break it to him, but he should go back to talking about how he’s going to dominate the pillow business using every leftist talking point he can find. That was a whole lot more entertaining, at least.