Chicago's Kim Foxx Defends Against Strawman Argument

Chicago's Kim Foxx Defends Against Strawman Argument
(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Chicago State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is, like many Chicago politicians, fairly far over toward the left. That’s unsurprising for a city like Chicago, of course, since pretty much everyone they elect falls into that category.


Hey, whatever floats their boat.

But Foxx is a proponent of so-called bail reform, an issue I addressed earlier today. She’s been rather vocal about it, too. That’s fine. She’s entitled to her own opinions.

What she’s not entitled to, however, are her own facts.

 In a wide-ranging community forum Wednesday, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx pushed back against what she says is a false narrative that she’s soft on crime and wants offenders released.

Foxx took questions from the public at a meeting in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood. She sought to clarify what she says are misperceptions about how she’s handling violent crime.

Chicago’s West Side branch of the NAACP hosted the “community conversation.” It provided a rare opportunity for the public to question the top prosecutor about the workings of her office, its response to violent crime, and how she’s attempting to reform the county’s justice system.

“People love to say, ‘It’s Kim Foxx,’ because I have pushed for bail reform,” she said. “It creates a narrative that everybody is out committing crime.”


Except literally no one actually thinks that.

Yes, we know crime is sky-high in Chicago, but even there no one believes everyone is out committing crimes. No one at all thinks such and thing and I believe Foxx knows this.

What we think is that the bail reform measures she’s pushed result in criminals being put back on the streets and that those people may be out there committing crimes.

Nothing at all about “everyone.”

What Kim Foxx has done, though, is create a strawman argument to fight back against. She’s trying to make it seem like her critics are actually criticizing all the people of Chicago when nothing could be further from the truth.

She’s creating a strawman because she doesn’t really have an answer for people’s true criticism, that her efforts are turning jails into turnstiles.

People are arrested, then walk right back out the front door to break even more laws. That includes potentially trying to settle scores with enemies before they have their day in court.

That’s what people are upset about. That’s what they’re criticizing Foxx over. And that’s what Foxx has absolutely no answer for.


So, she makes up a different criticism so she can address that instead of the real argument. That’s a classic strawman fallacy.

However, I’d like to believe that the people of Chicago are smart enough to recognize this. Then again, unless the media pushes back on this claim, how are the voters going to recognize what’s really happening? Some might get the other side on social media, but will enough actually see it?

Kim Foxx is fabricating criticism to avoid addressing the actual criticism and I’m afraid she’s going to get away with it. That’s the real shame of all of this, that’s for sure.

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