Woman Arrested For Pointing Gun At 7-Year-Old Trick-Or-Treater

fsHH / Pixabay

Trick-or-treating doesn’t seem to happen quite as much these days as it did when I was a kid. Still, in a lot of neighborhoods, it’s a big thing. That’s always great to hear.

However, not everyone enjoys trick-or-treating. While it seems kids universally love it, some adults are less than pleased.

That doesn’t mean they should do something stupid, like pulling a gun on a kid. However, a woman in Texas is accused of doing just that.

A 35-year-old woman pointed a loaded weapon at a 7-year-old who was walking in front of her home trick-or-treating, Hays County sheriff’s officials said.

According to a news release, deputies were called around 7:20 p.m. Sunday to the 100 block of Quarter Avenue in Buda for an incident involving a weapon.

When deputies arrived and investigated, they determined that a resident in the area was yelling at children who were walking outside her residence trick-or-treating.

The woman, identified as Monica Ann Bradford, is now facing felony charges for her actions.

It should be noted that it doesn’t appear the kids were doing anything wrong. It’s not like they were vandalizing her home because she chose to give out toothbrushes that year. They weren’t even knocking on her door despite the porch light being off.

No, she’s apparently just in a perpetually foul mood or something.

She’s also a prime example of how not to be a gun owner.

Look, if you’re not a fan of the whole trick-or-treat thing, that’s your call. However, you don’t have to be an ass about it. I’d thought the guy who apparently gave out notes accusing trick-or-treaters of spreading COVID was the biggest Halloween grinch, but Brandford clearly took a “hold my beer” approach.

And the kick in the butt is that there’s no mention that she’d been drinking.

That means a sober woman decided kids milling about outside in costumes was so heinous that she pulled a gun on a seven-year-old kid. It would have been awful if she’d been drunk, but since intoxicated people do stupid things, we could probably look past it. But to do so sober?


Luckily, no one was hurt. Bradford pulled the gun but not the trigger, thankfully, and now she faces felony charges as she should have.

Look, if you’re someone in a perpetually bad mood, then maybe you should consider that before purchasing a firearm. You should also make sure you’re aware of when you can and can’t draw your firearm. People outside your house who aren’t trying to gain entrance aren’t valid targets no matter how much you may dislike what they’re doing.

Honestly, there has to be more to this story than just a woman who doesn’t like trick-or-treating. There just has to be. However, based on what we currently know, there’s no way to determine just what.

Either way, I think we should all be able to agree that pointing a gun at a seven-year-old kid is going too far regardless of what else was going on.