Anti-Gun Group Has Ties To The Trace

(AP Photo/Philip Kamrass, File)

The Trace is an anti-gun news site that essentially writes anti-Second Amendment news stories that the mainstream media can parrot uncritically and pretend they’re actually doing journalism. It’s funded by none other than Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City and a vehement anti-Second Amendment activist.

And to think, he ran for mayor as a Republican. Go figure.

Anyway, it seems that while The Trace focuses on bogus news and propaganda, there are ties between it and a new gun control group in the Denver area.

I’ve been getting tips recently about an anti-gun effort that calls itself “The Denver Accord.” Looking into it I see stories going back to 2019, which surprised me, because I didn’t catch it at the time (for that matter, neither did AmmoLand or many other “gun” sites) and such things generally don’t slip by unnoticed.

Their website presents categories including “Four Principle,” “Key Policies,” and “Recommended Legislation and Policies.” Starting with the first category, we see it includes such pronouncements as “Guns do not make us safer; Gun violence in America is a pervasive public health crisis that demands substantial policy solutions and well-funded programs that effectively reduce gun violence; Equitable and just enforcement of gun laws is paramount. Everyone has the right to live free from violence.”

It might be reasonable at this point to ask “Who are these guys?” and what is their experience and expertise in all the myriad ways they wish to dictate the terms of gun owner surrender over.

They have an “About Us” page, and basically what we’re talking about is a bunch of self-appointed gun-grabbers who have put together a wish list based on that’s the way they want it. The principal individual behind it, along with its “mothership,” the  GVPedia Gun Violence Research Project, is one Devin Hughes. It turns out he has a longstanding affiliation with another organization readers here should be familiar with The Trace, the supposed “investigative journalism” website funded with Michael Bloomberg seed money. You knew his fingerprints would be somewhere in the mix.

The author of this piece, David Cordea, also takes a look at the stances of The Denver Accord and what all they want to do, including spending public money on “smart gun” research, banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and banning “armor-piercing” ammunition (which shows just how little they understand about firearms). They also want to develop a national ballistics database, which sounds great but will cost a ton of money while not accomplishing a damn thing.

Sounds like most other gun control proposals, if we’re being honest.

Yet Hughes’ ties to The Trace and this organization are indisputable. What’s most shocking about this, though, is just how unshocking it is. After all, we’ve long known the folks at The Trace are activists, not journalists. They never seem to report much of anything all that critically unless it makes gun control look bad.

We at least call down our own when they’re acting like morons. I did so on Tuesday, as a matter of fact. That’s something you never see from The Trace.

The idea that one of theirs would end up helming an anti-Second Amendment organization of his very own is about as surprising as President Joe Biden being a complete embarrassment to the nation.

That doesn’t make it any less interesting, though, now does it?