Even CNN Knows How NSYRPA vs. Bruen Will Shake Out

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN is anything but a far-right news source. Sure, they pretend to be neutral, but they have a fairly leftward lean that’s obvious to anyone who pays attention.


That’s been quite obvious based on the network’s coverage of guns and the gun control debate. They’ve taken a firm position that guns are bad and the Second Amendment is akin to pure evil.

Well, maybe they haven’t gone quite that far, but it sure feels that way. That’s what makes this all the more delicious.

The Supreme Court seemed ready to expand Second Amendment rights after hearing arguments for over two hours and expressing skepticism about a New York law that restricts individuals from carrying concealed handguns outside the home for self-defense.

Chief Justice John Roberts at one point pressed New York’s solicitor general about the breadth of the law that requires an individual to show “proper cause” before obtaining such a license in locations typically open to the general public, even in rural areas.

“How many muggings take place in a forest?” Roberts asked.

And President Donald Trump’s three appointees, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh were concerned about the high bar necessary to obtain a permit.

“Why isn’t it good enough to say I live in a violent area?” Kavanaugh asked. Barrett suggested the law passed legal muster under the court’s landmark 2008 decision that held that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

During their discussion, however, the justices did suggest that restrictions would be okay for sensitive areas such as schools and subways, but that the New York law as written was too broad.

It’s been more than a decade since the justices have decided a significant Second Amendment case and now the conservative-leaning court has the opportunity to reexamine the scope of the right to keep and bear arms in a case brought by an affiliate of the National Rifle Association.

The court could potentially allow more guns to be carried on some of the busiest streets in the largest cities in the nation, at a time when the Biden administration has vowed to push for enhanced gun regulations.


In fairness, CNN is far from the first to acknowledge the truth, that the Court will rule against the state of New York in this case. Cam wrote about another example on Wednesday.

Yet CNN has been in an anti-Second Amendment push ever since Parkland. They have every reason to want to try and spin this as best they can to not be as bad as they’d feared.

They’re not doing that at all.

What’s happening instead is that they recognize the harsh reality, that the Court will rule against the state in this and we’re going to see concealed carry laws significantly changed when the ruling comes out next year. People in places like New York, Los Angeles, Newark, and other places with similarly difficult requirements for obtaining a permit will actually be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Even CNN knows what’s coming, and that’s important.

What’s more important is what they do from here, because you know they’re not going to just roll over and accept the new status quo without question.

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