Two-Time Felon Defeated NY's Gun Control Laws

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File)

Gun control is one of those things where we’re told it will work exactly as designed and we’re supposed to take proponents at their word. Over and over again, they tell us that we need these laws to stop bad people from getting guns. If it makes it harder for good people to get them, well, that’s just the price we have to pay.


And yet, bad people keep on getting guns. They’re getting them at a prodigious rate.

But hey, it doesn’t happen in states like New York, right?

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office says they have arrested a man convicted of two felonies in the past on weapons charges.

Investigators say deputies located 19 firearms, 3 of them unregistered as well as unassembled guns after executing a search warrant.

Investigators say they also recovered a large quantity of ammunition.

First, where the hell did he get a “large quantity of ammunition” and can I have some of it?

Second, so much for that whole “gun control works” thing. This is a two-time felon in a heavily gun-controlled state, and he was able to get not just a gun, but 19 of them.

Of course, this guy isn’t unusual, really. Criminals get guns all the time. By nature of what they do, they develop access to firearms that don’t go through the normal, legal channels the rest of us are subjected to.

This is why so many people argue against gun control. There are a lot of folks who might be willing to accept some curtailment of their rights if it would really mean safety. If you could make sure that criminals didn’t get guns, they’d go along with having to jump through some hoops to get the guns they want.

But it doesn’t work. It never works.

Then we’re told that the problem is that we didn’t go quite far enough. We need still more restrictions, more regulations, more hoops…oh, and we probably need to ban this entire category of firearms, too, just to be safe.


Well, those people may be willing to give up some liberty for safety, but they’re not willing to give it all up. They see the writing on the wall and refuse to go any further.

That’s where things go south for the gun control crowd.

Yet that doesn’t bother them all that much. They just keep telling people this is what we need to do. The media presents one side of the story with little to no pushback questioning that side. If the other side comes on, they get all the pushback, which paints a picture for the people watching at home. Many assume there’s absolutely no reason to push back on gun control.

There is, and this is why. The laws don’t actually stop criminals. They never have and they never will. It only stops the law-abiding citizens. It makes it harder for them to actually defend themselves from the criminals who have been able to bypass the laws created to disarm them.

Let’s be honest, there’s a reason why so many people believe that gun control laws exist only to disarm us law-abiding folks. That’s because it’s all they actually do.

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