Student Faces Charges Over Gun At Homecoming Dance

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Do you remember homecoming back in the day? It started with an entire week of buildup during school, then there was the big game. It was typically against a team everyone figured you could beat. Then there was the dance.


I don’t know about you, but the dance was kind of the social event of the year if you were a freshman or sophomore and weren’t getting to go to prom, and back then, it mattered more than just about anything. It was the day you wanted to have a date no matter what.

Do you know what I never really thought about taking to the homecoming dance? A gun.

I guess kids are just that different today. Maybe.

An Oviedo High School student now faces four charges, including possession of a firearm on school property, following a gun scare at the school’s homecoming dance over the weekend.

Oviedo police said Tuesday that the student, is also facing charges of aggravated assault, improper exhibition of firearm or dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of firearm by a minor.

News 6 has decided not to name the student at this time.

The Oviedo High School homecoming dance was canceled on Saturday after at least two students said a classmate brought a gun to the dance. Some students said they thought they heard gunshots, but police said no shots were fired.

Oviedo police said the gun has not been found.

“We immediately — once everybody left — immediately started looking, checking the area trying to find a firearm,” Oviedo Police Chief Dale Coleman said. “They did a thorough search that night but the next day, the day shift patrol along with Seminole County deputies and some off-duty firefighter from the city went up there and combed the school as best as they could and looked everywhere — even took out some metal detectors and searched high and low and didn’t find anything.”


The kid denies having a gun, but multiple eyewitnesses claim otherwise.

Police say the boy’s family is being cooperative, but they don’t seem to know if the family is missing a firearm.

Well, if not, and the boy actually had a gun at the dance, then he got it from somewhere. While this took place in Florida and Florida is often accused of having very loose gun control laws, there’s no way anyone can think they were that loose.

However, the fact that police still haven’t found the gun is interesting.

It also means this could be complete and total male bovine excrement, too.

Yes, there are multiple eyewitnesses, but that’s really apparently just a couple of students. I’m sorry, but high school students can be mean and vicious and still justify it to themselves as “it’s just a joke.” The idea that a couple of kids would say that a third student had a gun, even if he didn’t, isn’t something that would surprise me. Especially if the student in question is one of those weird, quiet kids with few friends–you know, the type the media has spent years telling us to be afraid of anyway.


Or, conversely, they could be telling the truth and the kid was just really, really good at hiding the gun.

Either way, this will be an interesting case to follow. I’m legitimately curious how this is going to shake out.

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