Aurora, CO Police Chief Addresses Violence Among Young People

Aurora, CO Police Chief Addresses Violence Among Young People
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Colorado used to be a pretty gun-friendly place. That all went out the window a while back, though. Now, they’re all about gun control.

Despite that, though, it hadn’t done a whole lot to prevent the growing issue with so-called gun violence that is plaguing so many of our nation’s cities.


In Aurora, the police chief spoke about the growing problem of violent crime among the city’s younger people.

After a string of violence involving young people in Aurora, FOX31’s Joshua Short asked Deputy Chief of Police Darin Parker about this ongoing problem.

“We have a responsibility to try to answer that question,” Parker said, adding, “and then how can we stop it or, you know, or at least reduce it? We haven’t. We haven’t come up with that yet.”

The 26-year officer said police are trying to do a lot with very little.

“I’m not going to pin everything on our staffing issue,” he said. “But the reason I think it contributes is we need to keep our patrol division staffed adequately.”

The violence is, only getting worse in Aurora, but not necessarily with teens — despite recent, high-profile shootings at or near high school campuses.

This isn’t surprising. Yes, teens are knee-deep in violence right now because, well, all groups are committing more violence than they had previously. It’s happening across the board.

And the chief is right that an inadequately staffed patrol division is unlikely to help the situation. If people know the police aren’t going to be able to respond quickly, they’re more likely to do things like shoot people, figuring they’ll get away before the police can get there.

They’re also usually right about that, unfortunately.

What the chief doesn’t get into is just how catastrophically Colorado’s gun control has failed.

See, the state has things like universal background checks. That means every firearm sold is supposed to go through a criminal background check. That would keep minors from purchasing guns by pretending they’re older than they actually are.


In theory, it would be impossible for a young person to get a firearm in the first place.

However, the “theory” hasn’t exactly panned out in reality. That’s because those most likely to carry a gun around with them are generally also those who aren’t too particular about how they obtain a firearm. Either stealing it themselves or buying it from someone else who did, they just want the gun.

And since black-market sales never have background checks, we know precisely what went down.

But universal background checks were sold to the people of Colorado as a way to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Well, it’s clear the wrong hands are getting guns and there’s jack squat the law is doing to actually prevent that.

Too bad the chief didn’t get into any of that during his discussion, because that’s actually an important bit of information that the people of Colorado simply aren’t going to get. Not from any mainstream media sources, at the very least.

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