Brady Partnership Displays Profound Hypocrisy

AP Photo/Adrian Kraus, File

Many gun control groups are spawned out of some level of tragedy and Brady is no exception. Founding after Jim Brady was shot with a bullet meant for President Ronald Reagan, the organization has been one of the leading gun control groups in the nation for decades. Within that movement, they probably have some degree of gravitas.


However, they’re also a group that is so profoundly driven by the narrative that they’ll do anything they can to advance it. That includes partnering with people who broke the laws they pushed.

The City of Rochester is hoping more access to crime data will help prevent violence.

The city has partnered with The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The Roc Against Gun Violence Coalition’s advocacy committee made the recommendation to join forces with The Brady Center.

Specifically, the city is hoping to use national data to help stop the flow of illegal guns into the city.

The agreement was announced by Mayor Lovely Warren on her second-to-last day in office, Interim Police Chief David Smith, and Rochester City Council Vice President Willie Lightfoot. It comes amid a record number of homicides: 77.

So Brady, a gun control organization that argues in favor of pretty much every gun control law imaginable, partnered with Lovely Warren, someone who broke some of those laws?

I mean, that’s why it’s her second-to-last day in office. She’s not retiring to spend more time with her family. She didn’t lose an election. She isn’t term-limited and her term is about up.


No, she agreed to leave office early to avoid going to prison on weapons charges.

And Brady didn’t blink about jumping in bed with her.

They could have reached an agreement and simply refused to allow it to be announced until after Warren left office–it would have only been a delay of a couple of days–or simply refused to work with someone who broke the very laws they support. They did none of those things. Instead, they partnered with a woman who says all the same things but doesn’t seem to actually think those rules should apply to her.

She’s the epitome of why gun control will never work, and Brady saddled right up next to her and are proclaiming it proudly.

What a freaking joke.

Brady’s credibility should take a hit from this that they’ll never recover from. It’s not that they partnered with a city–though I have issues with any city officially partnering with an organization dedicated to curtailing the rights of Americans, but that’s not on Brady–but that they reached the agreement with a mayor who took a plea deal on an actual weapons charge. She broke a law that Brady so vehemently supports, and they couldn’t wait to ignore it.


Strategically, this is a horrible move for Brady because it will be brought up and used to hit them from now until the end of time. I mean, I fully intend to remind everyone of this fact.

It’s perfectly clear that, for them, so long as the narrative is advanced and their reach can be expanded, they’ll partner with anyone. I don’t suppose Satan has reached out to them yet, has he?

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