China's Media Jump On Thomas Massie's Christmas Card Photo

China's Media Jump On Thomas Massie's Christmas Card Photo

Rep. Thomas Massie has never made any bones about being pro-gun. He’s been so since he first entered public office and absolutely nothing has changed in the time since then.

Over the weekend, Massie unveiled his family’s Christmas card photo. Unsurprisingly, it has the whole family. A bit more surprisingly, though, is the firepower everyone is holding.

For Second Amendment supporters, the photo is awesome.

However, it seems China doesn’t approve:

A U.S. congressman on Saturday posted a Christmas picture of himself and what appeared to be his family, smiling and posing with an assortment of guns, just days after four teenagers were killed in a shooting at a Michigan high school.

“Merry Christmas! ps. Santa, please bring ammo,” U.S. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky wrote on Twitter.

[Oxford shooter’s name redacted], 15, on Tuesday carried out the deadliest U.S. school shooting this year, the latest in a decades-long series of mass shootings at U.S. schools. His parents were arrested on Saturday in connection with the slayings.

Of course, Massie had nothing to do with what happened in Oxford. He bears no responsibility for the actions of that individual, nor should he somehow act differently because of what happened.

I mean, people die every day from auto accidents. Should people refrain from sharing pictures of their new car because of that? Had someone shown a photo of their SUV, would people claim it was “just days” after Waukesha?

Obviously not. That would be insane.

But again, guns are treated differently.

CNN jumped on the same train, of course, as did a number of other outlets.

However, what anyone has failed to do is tell us just how long Massie should have waited. If decorum dictated he wait because of Oxford, then just how long?

The problem isn’t that Massie has guns in his photo. The problem is that he refuses to feel bad about things he had nothing to do with. He didn’t shoot anyone, so why should he censor himself because of it? Again, no one would do this about any other object used to kill people, so why should guns be treated any differently?

They shouldn’t.

China is really trying to do nothing except stir up the pot here in the United States. If we’re bickering over a Christmas card photo, we’ll have less time asking about disappearing tennis players. While people can be interested in a number of issues at a given time, the public’s focus is ever going to be on one or two big issues, so China has every reason in the world to hope people will dog Massie and leave them alone.

The fact that our own media seems to think this is a huge issue only illustrates that, love him or hate him, Trump was right when he called the mainstream media the enemy of the people.

Of course, I’ve never been comfortable with China’s state-run media’s focus on our Second Amendment rights anyway. I think there are reasons for this, and they’re not exactly doing much to convince me otherwise.