Photos From Mexican Beach Shows Gun Control Failures

Photos From Mexican Beach Shows Gun Control Failures
AP Photo/Marco Ugarte

Mexico is one of the rare nations with some version of the Second Amendment. In their constitution, the right to keep and bear arms is preserved, at least in theory.


However, they’re also a nation that shows just how hard people must fight to preserve their gun rights. Mexicans didn’t, now there’s only one gun store in the entire country, and guns are effectively banned, especially if you’re not wealthy enough to afford to travel to that one gun store after filing the mountains of paperwork necessary just to walk in the door.

Of course, we have all seen how well that worked.

The drug cartels essentially run several parts of the country and the Mexican government is powerless to do all that much about it. That fact was brought home hard by photos run by the New York Post showing the Mexican National Guard patrolling on the nation’s beaches.

Shocking photos show heavily armed members of Mexico’s National Guard patrolling among half-naked sunbathers in tourist hot spot Cancun in a show of force against warring cartels.

Images taken Sunday show the officers, fully clad in military gear and brandishing assault rifles, marching through the sand as bemused sunseekers look on.

Other pictures show a long line of armored vehicles arriving after an extra 1,500 guardsmen were dispatched after an escalation of violence killed two tourists, including a travel blogger from California. Other international tourists have also been injured in shootouts among rival gangs.


How about that gun control, huh? (You need to click the above link to actually see the photos, unfortunately.)

Of course, Mexico will claim that the problem is the lack of American gun control, but let’s also remember that Canada also shares a border with the United States, and they’re not a lawless hellscape where rampaging gangs control large swaths of their country.

That tells us that the problem lies somewhere in Mexico itself.

Not that the Mexican government will admit that. To do so would be to admit they can’t maintain their own nation, so they blame us for their own problems. This is normal for ineffective leaders.

But you know what? I think they’re making the right call with this.

No, seriously. While the photos may be shocking, it’s well past time for the Mexican government to treat these cartels like an invading force. Putting heavily armed troops on the beaches is a good first step. Protecting the tourists is absolutely vital to that entire industry.

However, what about the Mexican people themselves? I’m sure plenty will be bent out of shape that the government is more interested in protecting tourists than the people who endure this kind of threat constantly.


They deserve protection as well.

Yes, to be clear, I’m advocating the Mexican government using the military to root out the cartels and either kill them or arrest them. I’m not particular as to which. I even think the United States should offer to send troops to assist since the cartels represent a threat to the United States as well.

Unfortunately, I suspect this is the first and last gutsy move we’ll see out of Mexico.

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