Anti-Gun MI Lawmakers Seek To Jump On Oxford Shooting

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

I’ve never seen a group that seems to be more thrilled with dead children than the gun control crowd. I mean, they say they’re upset and angry and all of that, but they also never seem too upset to not try and make it political. I honestly believe that, on some level at least, they are okay with school shootings like what happened in Oxford, Michigan, as long as they get new gun laws as a result.


That’s especially true among anti-Second Amendment lawmakers within the state.

After all, they’re ready to start restricting law-abiding citizens’ rights.

Look for the pro-gun control lobby to introduce new legislation this week aimed at reducing gun violence in schools.  This comes, of course, in the wake of the four student deaths at Oxford High School last week.

The Senate GOP leader Mike Shirkey reportedly told Senator Rosemary Bayer (D-Oakland County) before COVID-19 struck that he would allow a committee hearing on gun control legislation.

If indeed there was such a pledge, it would be a break through for the gun control lobby.

Of course, that pledge was a while back, but I suspect it’ll still hold.

However, what’s interesting is that Bayer screwed up. She tipped her hand a bit. How? With this:

Sen. Bayer has a host of new proposals coming up, but placing metal detectors in schools is not on her agenda.

“We need less guns in high schools, not metal detectors that turn schools into prisons and military zones,” said Bayer.

Instead, she wants to limit magazines to just 10 rounds and force gun buyers to sign a form promising to keep guns away from children.


Yet we do know that metal detectors do help to reduce guns in schools. It’s a practical, concrete measure we can take that doesn’t impede on the rights of law-abiding Americans. It’s far from perfect, of course, but if you really want fewer guns in high schools, something like a metal detector at the entrance is a solid place to start.

But she doesn’t really want that, does she?

After all, making law-abiding citizens sign a piece of paper does nothing about the tens of thousands of Michigan teens who get guns via the black market. Metal detectors actually would.

But no. A metal detector at the door might make kids feel sad or something.

For the record, my son spent four years of high school walking through a metal detector on his way to class. His high school felt no more like a prison than his middle school did, which had no such metal detectors.

Bayer would know that if she actually thought it through. I mean, the fact that they can leave at the end of the day is a huge chunk of what makes it feel very un-prisonlike.

So why oppose it?


The answer is simple. It’s a measure that can be taken to minimize the possibility of another such shooting, but it doesn’t hurt gun buyers in the state. It doesn’t make them out to be the bad guys, which is what Bayer really wants.

It’s what gun control is really all about and all it’ll ever be about.

If it were really about safety, she wouldn’t prefer restricting our rights over a concrete and common-sense measure that would have an immediate impact simply because some kids might feel weird.

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