Letitia James Wants NY To Craft Law Similar To CA Proposal

(Holly Pickett/The New York Times via AP, Pool, File)

New York Attorney General Letitia James has no affection for the Second Amendment. To her, it’s an obstacle, something to try and get around so she and people like her can pass all the gun control in the world. She views the NRA the same way, which is why she’s trying to destroy that organization.


Of course, that seems to be the case for just about everything in the Constitution. Any constitution, for that matter.

Why? Because of how James responded to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposal.

Attorney General Letitia James (D-NY) praised Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) on The View on Tuesday for his recent proposal to mimic a controversial Texas abortion law to enforce gun control.

“The answer is yes,” James responded. “When I heard about that, I said to my team, ‘We need to follow his lead.’ And the reason why that is, is because gun manufacturers and gun distributors in this country are immunized. No liability whatsoever.

“They are the only industry that is protected in this country and given the carnage and given the fact that this is the ninth anniversary of Sandy Hook, I am sick and tired of prayers and individuals whose hearts go out to all of those who have lost lives,” James continued. “We can do something about it.”

James noted Newsom’s proposal could be an effective way to get around gun manufacturers’ “immunization” and hold them liable.

“We are reviewing it and talking to California, and so this is a first – yes. The Office of Attorney General Letitia James is looking at that model and I congratulate Governor Newsom. Thank you,” she concluded.


The problem, however, is that the attorney general’s office isn’t part of the legislative process, really. Yes, she can make proposals and offer support for legislation, but she’s part of the executive branch and not even the part of it that gets to sign or veto laws.

In other words, her office has no business looking at California’s proposal as a model for anything.

Besides, I’m pretty sure she’s deluding herself if she thinks this somehow gets around the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which expressly protects gun manufacturers from malicious lawsuits like Newsom’s proposal pushes. Especially since firearm manufacturers cannot determine the ultimate fate of a firearm they sell, but people like Newsom and James seem to think they can.

Of course, James can’t do any of this. She doesn’t have the authority and she has little she can really offer legislators to make this happen.

Instead, I really think this is her trying to position herself so as to become Governor Letitia James. She’s using her office as attorney general to set up a campaign for higher office. If not governor then senator or something like that. She’s not doing this just because she doesn’t like guns–that’s certainly part of it, I’m sure, but it’s not the whole story–but because she wants to position herself as an anti-gunner’s anti-gunner.


That’s what this is really about.

Unfortunately, the people of New York will likely eat this one up.

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