Ousted Anti-Gun Police Chief Art Acevedo Lands At CNN

(AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

Former Houston and Miami police chief Art Acevedo has made his name in part on the back of his strong support for Anti-Second Amendment policies. Acevedo apparently hasn’t met a gun control policy he doesn’t like, which has made him rather attractive to large cities who like their police chiefs to spout the same kind of nonsense they believe.


However, that wasn’t enough to make things work in Miami. He didn’t last particularly long there, and then he found himself out of a job.

What was a loud anti-gun police chief going to do if he couldn’t be a police chief? Well, he’s anti-gun enough to land a gig on CNN, apparently.

Though Art Acevedo’s six-month tenure as Miami Police Department (MPD) chief was the shortest in the department’s history, it may well have been the most riveting. Residents couldn’t look away during the hours-long special Miami City Commission meetings that featured clips of Acevedo slapping a dance partner’s bottom with a parking ticket and of the chief’s nether regions stuffed into skin-tight white pants.

The Dinner Key theater came to an end with Acevedo’s abrupt firing in October.

But CNN returns this week with the sequel, having hired the ex-police chief as a law enforcement analyst.

“I’ve been really reflecting about how I can continue to lift my voice to be a voice of reason and a voice on how to move criminal justice and policing forward,” Acevedo tells New Times in a phone conversation. “I look forward to a positive partnership with CNN in the upcoming weeks, months, and hopefully years.”


A “law enforcement analyst.”

That’s a hilarious way to spell “gun control shill.”

To be sure, Art Acevedo wasted no time filling his new role, either. He appeared on with Wolf Blitzer to talk about guns in schools.

Blitzer asked Acevedo what he believes it will take to prevent gun violence in the nation’s schools. “Both sides need to come to the middle on gun policy and on violent criminals and bail policy,” Acevedo responded. “Or else we are not going to see this get better anytime soon.”

How gun policy plays a role in this is beyond me. School kids are too young to lawfully purchase a firearm, generally speaking, and it’s illegal for them to bring them to school no matter what. We’ve already outlawed all the things that would otherwise enable kids to do this and we’re seeing no difference at all.


But Acevedo gets to tell the people at CNN what they want to hear and because of his previous stints as a police chief, they’ll pretend he has some level of gravitas he really doesn’t possess. They’ll use that to push an anti-Second Amendment narrative and hold up Art Acevedo as some kind of expert on the subject.


However, at the end of the day, the people who still watch CNN want to be lied to. They generally want to hear how they hold all the right opinions and think all the right things. Acevedo will be ideal to help them believe that their opinions on policing and guns are exactly what they should be thinking.

CNN and Art Acevedo aren’t there to provide news or context, just confirmation bias.

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