McCarthy says he won't allow gun control as speaker

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

With the midterms coming later this year, most are expecting Congress to flip from blue to red. With Biden still in the White House, that means things will get interesting for the president. One of Biden’s legislative priorities, gun control, seems unlikely to happen.

It also means that Nancy Pelosi won’t be speaker of the house anymore. One of the most likely candidates to replace her after the GOP takes over is Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

He’s making a couple of his priorities clear. In particular, he’s making it clear a couple of Biden’s priorities just aren’t going to happen. Especially gun control.

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview taped in December that the House would not consider any legislation that grants amnesty to illegal aliens if he becomes the speaker next year.

Similarly, McCarthy also pledged that a House GOP majority under his leadership would not consider gun control proposals—another blow to the left.

“One thing I’ve learned is the Second Amendment is one of the most important amendments and you look at all my voting record. Listen, you watch this Congress itself—we believe in the Constitution,” McCarthy said.

Of course, on this issue, it’s unlikely anyone who becomes speaker of a GOP-controlled House would put gun control on the agenda…unless it’s to vote it down. I’m pretty sure that’s not unique to McCarthy.

But it’s still important to hear that sort of thing. People need a reason to turn out and vote in the midterms. Many skip these because there isn’t a presidential election on the ticket, but congressional races can be just as important. Knowing that putting a pro-gun lawmaker into Congress will help make damn sure we don’t even get a hint of gun control.

After the last year or so, with the near-constant threat hanging over our heads, it’ll be a nice change of pace.

Plus, if after two years of no hint of gun control, we see the violent crime rate drop nationally, it’ll be yet another example of just how firearm restrictions aren’t needed to combat violent crime.

Not that some people will get the memo.

Regardless, whether it’s ultimately McCarthy taking the speaker’s gavel or someone else in the Republican Party, gun control will be a dead issue at the federal level for at least a couple of years.

But that just means it’ll be time to focus hard at the state level. That’s a good thing, since fewer resources will be needed to deal with Congress so they can be expended at the state level.

Until then, though, I don’t know that it’s overly beneficial to talk about who will become Speaker or whatever. For now, we still have any number of threats to our Second Amendment rights. McCarthy can’t stop new bills in the House, which means we need to make sure GOP senators don’t jump ship and give the Democrats a big win just before their kicked out the door.

One thing at a time.