How IN constitutional carry bill may die in GOP-led Senate

How IN constitutional carry bill may die in GOP-led Senate
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Indiana is a state that tends to be rather supportive of the Second Amendment, all things considered. It’s also the state Chicago likes to blame for all its problems, which I consider a big pro-gun point all on its own, if we’re being brutally honest here.


However, they don’t have the measure I tend to think of as the Holy Grail of gun rights. They’re not a constitutional carry state.

Recently, though, the Indiana state House voted to rectify that.

Unfortunately, that bill may well end up dying in the GOP-led Senate.

House Bill 1077, which will allow gun owners to carry without a permit, passed the Indiana House Tuesday with a 64 to 29 vote. The bill now heads to the equally Republican-controlled Senate. But the bill passing there is not a sure thing.

With the bill now heading to the Senate, supporters are concerned it could be assigned to the same committee as last year – and die.

“Our sources inside the capitol are reporting that Senate President Pro. Temp. Rodric Bray plans to send Constitutional Carry back to the Senate Judiciary Committee where Senator Brown killed the bill last year. But we all know Senator Bray has the power to send House Bill 1077 to any committee, at any time. If Bray chooses to send the bill back to a ‘kill committee’ where it died last year, we can only assume his goal is to derail Constitutional Carry during this legislative session.” said Will Fite, legislative director of Hoosier Gun Rights.

Obviously, that’s bad for Indiana gun owners.

There are options that folks there can take to try and prevent this. To start with, Indianans need to start blowing up Bray’s phone lines. They need to blow up everyone’s phone lines by calling and making it very clear they support House Bill 1077. Make that support loudly so that there’s no doubt where you stand.


Then, if this happens again, it’s time to start removing politicians from office. Yes, I know not everyone can vote for Bray’s opponents, but they can donate money and offer other kinds of support.

The truth of the matter is that we have to hold lawmakers accountable for their anti-Second Amendment stances. If constitutional carry doesn’t pass in your state–and I’m also talking to myself here–then you need to start removing the obstacles.

Remember, folks, when it comes to the Second Amendment, it’s not a good idea to make it a team sport. Removing a bad Republican is a good thing if you can replace them with someone who will back a law like constitutional carry.

Yeah, even if that person happens to be a Democrat.

Not much chance of that happening these days, mind you, but if we can make damn sure that opposing the Second Amendment is a losing proposition regardless of party, guess what you’ll see? That’s right, even Democrats starting to be pro-gun.

Constitutional carry is the mark of just how pro-gun someone is. If they oppose it, then you know all the campaign rhetoric about supporting the Second Amendment was just the typical lies of a politician.

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