So NOW an AR-15 is a hunting rifle?

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The AR-15 is easily the most vilified firearm in the United States. There’s not a single gun control advocate who doesn’t want to ban it first and foremost, for example.


Among the various arguments made by these people is that the AR-15 isn’t a hunting weapon, as if that somehow invalidates the Second Amendment entirely.

But over at the New York Post, it seems that when it’s a Ukrainian woman looking to fight off Russian invaders, now it’s a hunting weapon.

A Ukrainian mother-of-three has armed herself with a powerful hunting rifle, vowing to “fight for Kiev” amid fears of a Russian invasion.

“As a mother I do not want my children to inherit Ukraine’s problems, or have these threats passed on to them. It is better that I deal with this now,” Mariana Zhaglo, 52, told the Times of London in her Kiev kitchen, where she posed with the high-caliber weapon.

Zhaglo, a marketing researcher, spent the equivalent of $1,300 on the Zbroyar Z-15 carbine, which she learned how to use by attending a two-week sniper’s course.

“I have never hunted in my life. I bought this carbine after listening to some soldiers discussing the best rifle to get,” Zhaglo, who affixed a silencer, telescopic sight and bipod affixed to the gun, told the outlet.


That’s right, folks, she’s got a suppressor on it as well.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Zbroyar Z-15 is basically a Ukrainian AR-15, but apparently, it’s now a “hunting weapon” simply because the journalists approve of the application.

It should be noted that this is the same publication that claimed drum magazine for a Glock something you’d find on a battlefield.

So a drum magazine is a tool of war, but the AR-15 clone with a suppressor is just a hunting weapon?

Honestly, it’s hilarious.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully support Zhaglo and think a heavily armed Ukraine could be the best deterrent to Russian aggression humanly possible. Especially if they’re armed with firearms like the AR-15 and those based on it.

I’d love it if every Ukrainian household had a couple of weapons just like this and a buttload of ammunition to go along with it. Then, if Russia invades, make Putin pay for every square inch of Ukrainian territory in blood.

No, what galls me is that the gun control crowd that pushes the whole “the AR-15 isn’t a hunting weapon” are being remarkably silent on this one.


But here’s the thing, if it’s a hunting weapon in Ukraine, it’s a hunting weapon here. Firearms don’t morph appreciably because of which borders you’re inside.

I’m thrilled to see Ukrainians arming themselves and preparing for battle. I think Zhaglo made a pretty fair choice with regard to what platform she chose as well. Especially for her hunting rifle.

It just seems she’s planning on hunting invaders and tyrants and as a freedom-loving American, I say more power to her. That’s kind of why a lot of us have our AR-15s, after all.

While I hope that she never needs to use her weapon in anger, I’m damn glad she has it if she needs it.

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