California bans "ghost gun" kit sales at fair grounds

California bans "ghost gun" kit sales at fair grounds
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The Del Mar Fairgrounds in California has been ground zero for a lot of discussions. People have been pushing for years to ban gun shows at the fairgrounds as it is. They labor under the delusion that gun shows somehow make them less safe. Probably because the media keeps lying to them about “gun show loopholes” and other such nonsense.


However, the California Assembly just passed a bill that will impact those gun shows.

The state Assembly has passed a bill by a San Diego lawmaker to outlaw the sale of “ghost gun” kits at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Assembly Bill 311 by Chris Ward, who represents the 78th District in coastal San Diego County, prohibits the sale of what are know as firearm precursor parts used to manufacture untraceable ghost guns.

“Californians should have the ability to legally own firearms,” said Ward, who is a Democrat. “However, the proliferation and use of ghost guns bypass common sense policies created to protect our communities from senseless gun violence.”

Guns and ammo were already banned from sale at the fairgrounds.

However, I think Ward needs something of a reality check. Namely in regard to the fact that banning those sales at the fairground will have absolutely no impact on anything.

Look, if kits are still legal for sale in California–and they are, at least for now–then how does banning their sale at one particular place really accomplish anything?


It doesn’t.

Plus, it’s not like the kits are the only way to purchase the required parts. People are still able to buy barrels, springs, guide rods, trigger groups, buffer tubes, or whatever other parts their guns might need individually as needed.

And they can still sell them at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Absolutely brilliant.

Unfortunately, when bills are introduced by people who don’t really even understand the topic, you get crap like this. Then again, if Ward really understood the topic, he wouldn’t have introduced the bill in the first place.

There is nothing you can do that will stop the proliferation of firearms among the criminals of California. Absolutely nothing. If we can’t keep drugs from being sold on our streets, how are you going to keep guns from making it into criminal hands?

All that’s being accomplished with restrictions like this is preventing Californians who want to tinker and build their own guns from being able to do so quite as easily.

That’s literally all that’s being accomplished.


Like I said, absolutely brilliant.

But in the meantime, it does make those gun shows less attractive to customers and will make Del Mar Fairgrounds less attractive to promoters, which is really all this was ever about. People labor under the misguided idea that gun sales at gun shows somehow make the community less safe, all despite California having universal background checks already in place.

Clearly, they didn’t do enough, so it’s imperative that the fairgrounds be as hostile to gun shows as humanly possible.

Because with all of California’s problems, the real issue is that someone might get a gun at a gun show.

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