Biden pushing myths, not facts on guns

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Joe Biden has renewed his push for more gun control following his visit to New York City, a town with more gun control than pretty much anywhere else in the nation and a soaring violent crime rate.


But sure, clearly, gun control is the answer since it’s worked so well so far.

The problem isn’t just that Biden is pushing to curtail the rights of law-abiding Americans, but that he’s pushing a myth to do so.

President Biden was in New York last week for a photo-op with the new mayor and to push the left’s favorite anti-crime panacea — more gun control.

After the crime wave of the past year, the president finally made it to the frontlines. What he said was so predictable that it could only inspire a collective yawn.

He could have talked about lenient prosecutors, the war on police (ambush attacks on officers were up 115% nationwide in 2021) or gang members crossing our southern border — all of which bear the hallmark of his party.

Myth #1. Guns are to blame for soaring crime rates: Saying guns cause crime is like saying matches cause arson. The 1990s saw a historic rise of gun ownership and crime went down. Cities with the most restrictive gun laws — like New York, Washington and Chicago — are drowning in crime. Pushing to “get guns off the streets” puts the emphasis on the instrumentalities of crime, instead of the criminals themselves. The left finds it impossible to assign individual responsibility. It’s so much easier to blame inanimate objects.

Myth #3. You don’t need a gun for self-defense. That’s why we have police: During the 2020 campaign, Mr. Biden said law enforcement is “systematically racist.” On April 12, 2021, he tweeted about the need to address the “trauma that Black America experiences every day” from police shootings. Due to the demonization of men and women in blue, and a revolving-door justice system, police recruitment and retention is bleak. While this is going on, the anti-gun party says: “Don’t worry. If someone is trying to break into your home, just wait for the police (who are seriously undermanned) not to get there.


I invite you to go and read the whole thing. There are a lot of great points there.

The truth is that I’ve heard pretty much all of these myths brought up at one time or another and I’m quite sure you have too.

Anti-Second Amendment types like Biden routinely make these claims. They actually believe them, too. However, all of these claims are predicated on the idea that the right to keep and bear arms isn’t as sacrosanct as all the other constitutionally protected rights such as freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, among that group are the media which strives to shape the narrative, telling people what is and isn’t real, yet continue to push those myths as if they’re actual facts.

They’re not.

President Biden is pushing them because he believes them. Then again, in fairness, I’m not sure he’s aware enough to know what a gun is on any given day, but back when he had his faculties, he absolutely believed them.

Brandon buys into the idea that you shouldn’t be allowed to own anything he doesn’t approve of. He continues to push long-discredited rhetoric about how you couldn’t own cannons when the Second Amendment was ratified, as an example.


Yet our rights are there whether he approves of them or not. Spreading myths won’t change that. It’ll just stiffen our resolve to resist the kind of measures he wants to cram down our throats.

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