Op-ed suggests Biden sit down with anti-gun dad

Op-ed suggests Biden sit down with anti-gun dad
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Joe Biden ran as the most anti-gun candidate in American history. While it didn’t play a factor in the general election, it was a huge part of the Democratic primary where he had to contend with two other candidates that were exclusively focused on the issue.

And he prevailed.

Now, as president, he’s tried to fulfill that promise. Unfortunately for his crowd, Biden can’t just wave a magic wand and make gun control happen.


However, he’s still not seen as doing enough, which has prompted one newspaper’s editorial board to suggest Biden sit down with an activist father.

While our attention drifted elsewhere in the four years since a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School killed 17 people, Manuel Oliver recaptured it, starkly reminding us that the pain of losing a child does not ease.

Oliver, whose son Joaquin, was gunned down and murdered along with 16 others students and faculty members on Valentine’s Day 2018, staged a dramatic protest Monday, the fourth anniversary of the tragedy.

Frustrated by the lack of gun-control laws passed since the tragedy, Oliver focused a light on an administration he says had done little to rein in guns in America.

Monday morning, Biden issued a statement observing the Stoneman massacre. But that wasn’t enough for Oliver. In fact, it’s not going be enough, period.

Oliver does not what his son to have died in vain. Once he came down, he unfurled a banner with a photo of his son and the message: “45K people died from gun violence on your watch.”

Maybe Biden should listen and give Oliver his meeting,


Look, I hate to defend Biden here, but just why should he meet with Oliver? It’s not like he took office then forgot about gun control. Believe me, I’m on the side trying to oppose these measures, so if he’d just coasted in office, I’d be thankful.

But he hasn’t.

So what would people like Oliver do differently? Oh, I know they want a national gun violence office set up by the president, but again, what would that do? Nothing but waste time and money and be a great, big virtue signal in the sky.

Not much else.

In truth, the more impactful gun control that people like Oliver want isn’t something Biden can just make happen. He needs Congress to agree, both chambers, and thankfully the Senate isn’t on board with that plan.

What Oliver and others who lost children at Parkland should probably be doing is looking at all the ways law enforcement failed them well before that fateful day four years ago. The same is true of the schools that failed to act to address the problems.

None of that, however, falls on Biden.

Trust me, I wish Oliver were right. I wish Biden wasn’t really doing much of anything to push gun control down the throats of the American public. Unfortunately, he is.

The only upside for us is that he kind of sucks at it and every other part of the job so badly that we’re unlikely to have to worry about it this time next year.