Minneapolis police hold concealed carrier at gunpoint

Minneapolis police hold concealed carrier at gunpoint
Waldrebell / Pixabay

The Minneapolis Police Department has some serious problems. We’ve seen more than one death at the hands of officers from that department that never should have happened. George Floyd wasn’t the first. Justine Diamond was killed by an officer well before Floyd’s death.

But as bad as those two were, some might find it difficult to imagine there are still more screw-ups left to be uncovered. You’d imagine we’ve seen about all they had.

You would be wrong.

Shocking body camera footage of a traffic stop that resulted in a six-figure settlement against the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has been released.

Minneapolis Park Police Officer Calvin Pham’s body camera shows the officer pulling his gun and shouting at Jenice Hodge one minute after stopping her for alleged seat belt and cell phone violations in the July 2019 incident, according to KSTP.

“In the body camera footage, which led to a six-figure settlement late last year, it is not clear why Pham pulled his gun,” the news station reports. “The officer later wrote in his incident report that he believed ‘Jenice may have a gun’ after he noticed a permit to carry card in her wallet. But Pham never wrote in his report that he saw a gun.”

Hodge said she does have a valid permit, but did not have a firearm on her. The incident eventually led to a settlement in which Hodge received $100,000  from the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board last October.

Luckily, Hodge was unharmed, but this is absolutely infuriating.

There’s absolutely no reason to draw your weapon on someone over the mere possession of a firearm, much less the permit.

Hodge didn’t have her gun. The bodycam footage doesn’t show a gun, either. It just shows the officer drawing down on an innocent woman simply because she had a permit.

I hate to break it to the officer in question, but the fact that she had a permit means she wasn’t likely to be a threat even if she’d had her weapon on her person. After all, how many criminals actually go to the trouble of getting a carry permit in the first place?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

To add the cherry on top, it appears that Officer Pham’s personnel record doesn’t show any disciplinary measures following the incident. In other words, he just walked away from it like he did nothing wrong.

Now, this story comes from BET which has a very definite slant. I can respect that since Bearing Arms does too. For them, this is clearly a racial issue. For me, it’s a Second Amendment issue.

However, I’ll be man enough also admit that I can’t dismiss it being a racial thing, either. I mean, this was a black woman held at gunpoint on the mere suggestion that she might be armed. Most white folks won’t likely ever deal with that presumption.

Frankly, nothing about this is good and nothing fills me with confidence regarding the Minneapolis Police Department.

Maybe the people there should rethink disbanding their police department and starting over from the ground up.