British gun laws don't work nearly as well as some think

Brett_Hondow / Pixabay

The Second Amendment means that the United States will probably never have gun laws quite like those you find in the UK. For most of us, that’s a good thing.

However, many in the US would just love for us to go down that road.

In their mind, those gun laws are absolutely perfect. They make it impossible for average citizens to buy and own guns and they supposedly keep guns out of the hands of anyone that could be a problem.

The more honest of these folks admit they’re not perfect laws, but they do a better job.

I can’t help but ask if they really do.

Dozens of gun-owning domestic abuse suspects have had their weapons returned by police over the past three years, the BBC can reveal.

The data has been released six months after a man with a violent history shot dead five people in Plymouth shortly after police gave him his gun back.

Force chiefs said domestic violence was one of the most serious factors it considers before returning a licence.

But Women’s Aid said the figures showed an “inexcusable tolerance” of abusers.

Farah Nazeer, the charity’s chief executive, said there were “countless instances of people shrugging off domestic abuse as a less serious offence”.

The BBC found more than a quarter of licences returned between 2019 and 2021 went to people who had faced allegations of domestic abuse.

Ms Nazeer said this needed to be investigated by police and the government, and called for an “automatic ban on returning gun licenses to those accused of domestic abuse”.

Now, in fairness, it seems the issue isn’t really returning guns to domestic abusers, but those merely accused of domestic abuse. That seems to be a problem for me because I can see an anti-gun woman accusing a pro-gun man of domestic abuse as a way to get the guns out of his hands or as a way to punish him for whatever slight she might perceive.

However, let’s be honest, those who tend to favor gun control here don’t care about making sure those accused of domestic abuse were convicted before stripping them of their Second Amendment rights. They want gun laws that work against the average gun owner as much as possible.

They want UK laws, only, they don’t.

What they want is what the UK’s gun laws promise, not what they deliver.

They also fail to note that any success the UK has with its gun laws stems from the fact that it’s a freaking island with limited points of entry and surrounded by other developed nations with similar gun laws. It’s a situation that simply wouldn’t work here in the United States, not with our porous southern border and plenty of people willing to fill any void criminals here would find.

Then again, if most of these people were capable of that level of critical thinking, they likely wouldn’t be anti-Second Amendment in the first place.

Frankly, I don’t get why people are so enamored with UK gun laws in the first place. Especially since it seems they don’t work the way some think they do.