Florida woman accused of using stimulus money to order hit

stevepb / Pixabay

For most of us, we used our stimulus money in varying ways. Some used it to stay afloat until the lockdown ended. Others used it to buy long-sought-after new toys. Others just parked it in the bank or paid off bills.

Whether we used our inflation fodder wisely or not is generally a fairly irrelevant thing. Most of us still used it for something that didn’t hurt anyone else.

A Florida woman, however, is accused of doing something very different with her stimulus money.

Another day, another crazy possible example of our tax dollars being misused.

A Florida woman allegedly used money from a federal stimulus loan to hire a hitman to murder a law enforcement enforcer, according to court documents and reporting from the Miami Herald.

“The accused mastermind of the plot, Jasmine Martinez, received a $15,000 [Paycheck Protection Program] loan—which she claimed was to keep her single-employee beauty salon afloat—last April,” writes Herald court reporter David Ovalle. “She then withdrew over $10,000 of that in the days leading up to the murder, according to arrest warrants.”

“On May 3, 2021, the accused hitman, an ex-con named Javon Carter, ran up to U.S. Transportation Security Administration officer Le’Shonte Jones as she walked into her South Miami-Dade apartment, shooting her multiple times, according to police,” the Herald’s reporting continues.

“Detectives believe Martinez, who had a series of run-ins with Jones over the years, paid Carter at least $10,000 to kill the Miami airport worker—a deal they say was bankrolled by money from the federal Payroll Protection Program.”

The reporting cites numerous examples of evidence against Martinez, who has been charged with murder.

The PPP was part of the stimulus plan, thus, Martinez is accused of using stimulus money to hire a hitman.

I didn’t even realize that was an option. I bought some tools, so I’m not feeling like I got the best value for my money here.

OK, seriously, I’d never hire a hitman. Then again, I’m not sure I’d even know where to look.

It seems Martinez knew and used taxpayer money to pay for it.

Regardless of how you feel about any of the stimulus programs, we can all agree this is not what it was meant for. Especially since that money was intended for her to keep paying employees, preferably ones who didn’t perform murder for hire.

Now, Martinez will go to trial. A woman is still dead. That money is pretty much gone so far as the taxpayers are concerned and those jobs are pretty likely to be gone as well; if they’re not already.

In fairness, this isn’t the typical use of the PPP funds or any other stimulus money, nor is this really a commentary on economic stimulus plans.

Instead, this is just a weird crime and we sometimes cover stuff like that here. It’s just the stimulus angle that makes this so weird, at least from my perspective.

When I say I want o see my tax dollars at work, I’m generally not talking about something like this.