Houston arrests a warning to all gun owners

Houston arrests a warning to all gun owners
Julie Jacobson

Many of us oppose pretty much every gun law on the books. We think the National Firearms Act is especially problematic, especially when one looks at the geopolitical reality of our modern world, but it’s far from the only one.

I mean, if I’ve got the money, I should be able to have an M-2 delivered to my house via Amazon Prime.

Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. In our world, there are laws in place that we either have to respect or we go to prison.

People like these folks in Houston.

Federal investigators are going after criminals who use gun switches that can turn a legal semi-automatic weapon into an illegal mini machine gun.

On Thursday, they announced federal charges against 19 suspects accused of using the gun switches while committing violent crimes, including capital murder.

All but two are in custody, including Roland Caballero, the suspect charged in last month’s shooting of three Houston police officers. In bodycam video released by the Houston Police Department Wednesday, you can hear rapid fire from the suspect’s gun.

“They can put 30 rounds down range in just two seconds,” ATF Special Agent in Charge Fred Milanowski told KHOU 11 in January. “So we’re concerned about law enforcement officers having to come up against these.”

Now, understand, right now, these are violent criminals getting hit with these charges, but you and I both know that these aren’t the only ones with these switches.

Should they be legal? Absolutely!

But they’re not. They’re illegal as hell and are shipped in from China for people to drop in their guns. If you’ve got one, please get rid of it.

Look, the Chinese aren’t making these because they believe in freedom. They’re looking to profit from the divisions we have in this country over guns. Remember, this is the same nation that calls our current gun laws a human rights crisis–all while having literal concentration camps–and they’re allowing these devices to be produced and exported.

Do you really think they’re doing this for our benefit?

No, China does what it does to benefit China. Why else do you see ads for things like “solvent traps” that look suspiciously like suppressors?

They want us to be destabilized. They want to feed into the division we currently have in this country. Hell, they want the boogaloo.

Why? Because if we’re busy dealing with internal fighting to that degree, we can’t intervene when they roll tanks into Taiwan. They don’t care about American freedom. If they did, they’d be giving it to their own people.

No, they’re a gun-controlled state who recognizes how valuable a tool that is for oppression, which is why they use it. They’d love for the United States to be just as gun-controlled as they are. But since we’re not, they’ll use it to hurt us.

So, many of these switches get made and shipped to the US.

Yes, some of these are made domestically. However, many aren’t and we all know it.

I get the allure of having something like that, even if it’s illegal. Hell, probably because it’s illegal. Yet if you do, you’re feeding into the very people who want to see America fall as a world power.

No, I’m not talking about money. You’re just giving them what they want, still more dissension and a step closer to civil war.

We can still fight for our God-given rights without pulling triggers. It’s not time for that, nor will it be for quite some time, thankfully. At least, not as things are currently shaking out.

But be cautious about all those illicit goods you may see here and there. Understand what’s happening here and learn from that.