NRA takes aim at CDC's gun control efforts

NRA takes aim at CDC's gun control efforts
(AP Photo/David Goldman, File)

The Centers for Disease Control should be one of the more apolitical groups out there. After all, the CDC should be looking at science, not political rhetoric, and deriving guidance from there.

Yet, years ago, they were setting themselves up as gun control advocates and were shut down by federal legislation. It didn’t actually prevent research, but the organization acted as if it did which told you everything you needed to know about how good the science would have been.

Unfortunately, those restrictions have essentially been repealed.

Now, the CDC is getting involved in pushing gun control once again, and for the NRA, that’s a bridge too far.

As the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, the Biden administration’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wants to inject itself into your personal firearms collection. Last September, the head of the CDC said it is “now hoping to get a fuller picture of the data and long-neglected details on the impact of daily gun violence.”

The CDC and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced funding for “new research on guns to help reduce firearm-related injuries, deaths, crime and suicides” in addition to its “several other gun-research projects” underway. This operation—the latest in a long pattern—now seeks to use U.S. taxpayer dollars to bolster at least 10 state health departments so they can gather data in “near real-time” on emergency-room non-deadly firearm injuries.

As per the health body’s justification, the information gathered will thus enable medical professionals and epidemiologists to potentially “diagnose” trends to formulate fast-acting interventions, “as they have done to contain the coronavirus pandemic and other national health emergencies.”

While it’s doubtful medical “science” can do anything of benefit to intervene regarding incidents involving firearms before they take place, this latest encroachment will undoubtedly waste the medical profession’s resources and present yet another threat to your Second Amendment freedoms—all with the help of your hard-earned dollars.

The CDC is not an organization that should be trusted in this way.

As previously noted, their refusal to do any research on so-called gun violence and blaming federal law for that betrayed their biases. After all, the law explicitly stated that the CDC couldn’t use federal money to advocate for gun control. That didn’t mean they couldn’t research the effects of it. Pure science isn’t advocacy unless you slant things in such a way that the “science” is there in name only.

But numerous CDC directors held onto that interpretation, which makes anything they say now suspect.

Sure, it’s possible they’ll prove me and the NRA wrong. I sincerely hope they do. I’d love to see them do some real research and release a study that I can’t find a lot of flaws in or, barring that, admit that the study has flaws and shouldn’t be taken as proof of anything by itself.

However, we know that isn’t going to happen. We’ll get a study that pays lip service to limitations, but the researchers will make it clear they think they found all the answers.

And our tax dollars will pay for it.