Another city in pro-gun state reports drop in homicides

Another city in pro-gun state reports drop in homicides
MikeGunner / Pixabay

For the last couple of years, we’ve seen a massive spike in the homicide rate pretty much everywhere. People are dying in the streets and the anti-Second Amendment types are desperately trying to use that to justify more and more gun control.

So far, the American public hasn’t been listening. Instead, they’ve been concerned and have continued to arm themselves.

But that hasn’t stopped some from doing their damnedest to try and blame states that have restored gun rights for part of the problem.

Take Tennessee, as an example. People have been quick to blast the state’s constitutional carry law as causing some of the spike in homicides throughout the state.

However, it seems Nashville is seeing something different.

Despite an uptick in violent crime and eight killings across Nashville in February – six reported by police in the past week alone — 2022 started off less deadly in the city compared to last year.

Criminal homicides are down during the first two months of the year compared to the same time in 2021, when 27 were killed, Metro Nashville Police Department data show.

As of Monday, 18 people had been slain in the city.

Ten people died in January, and eight were killed in February. Last year, 12 people died in January, and 15 were slain in February.

Now, understand, this is just two months into the year, so all of this could go out the window depending on what the future holds.

However, if this trend continues, it’ll be yet another community in a pro-gun state seeing a decline in violent crime while cities in anti-gun states are seeing no such thing.

Miami and Dallas saw a dip last year while Los Angeles and Chicago saw quite the opposite.

Now we have Nashville to add data to the discussion.

While I have no doubt that many of the people who live in Nashville support gun control, the truth of the matter is that they represent a minority in the state, so they get the benefits of being pro-gun. That includes constitutional carry, which may well have caused this drop in homicides.

Yet even if it didn’t, it’s interesting that we’re seeing homicides drop in places with pro-Second Amendment policies, but not in places that strongly support gun control. Why it’s almost like gun control doesn’t actually work and probably makes things worse.

Oh, wait, that’s exactly what it is.

Look, I won’t say definitively that gun control automatically makes violent crime worse. The problems of violent crime are complex and poorly understood. What we do find, though, is a pretty strong correlation that gun control makes things worse. However, since I often point out that correlation doesn’t equal causation, I need to be consistent.

What we can say definitively, though, is that if the gun-grabbers were right, we should be seeing the opposite of what we’ve seen in these three cities. Remember how we were told the streets would run red with blood if these pro-gun laws were passed?

Yeah, clearly, that didn’t happen.

The truth of the matter is that gun rights do not equate to an automatic increase in violent crime, despite what biased “studies” and anti-gun voices what you to believe.  We’re seeing quite the contrary taking place in real-time, yet I think we all know that somehow, that won’t show up in the “studies” released in a few years.

It’s a shame, too, because good data would help us make better decisions and ultimately save lives. However, too many field have been polluted by political extremism, which is all that we’ve been seeing.

Meanwhile, our own eyes can show us that cities like Nashville are becoming safer following the passage of laws we were told would do the opposite.