Trudeau to spend more on gun "buyback" than fighting gangs

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has found some value in gun control. After all, it apparently helps the Canadian media forget him wearing brownface, so he’s running with it.


Now that his approval rating is so low it may strike oil, it’s no surprise he’s turning back to an old standby. He’s pushing for his gun buyback program.

However, it seems that his priorities may need some recalibration.

The Trudeau government is looking to spend double buying back guns from legal gun owners than they have promised to spend fighting guns and gangs.

We can’t deny there is a problem with gun and gang violence in Canada. This past weekend in Toronto alone there were shootings in the core, in the suburbs and even a shooting on the highway. Toronto isn’t alone is dealing with gun and gang violence, it’s a problem across the country.

That works out to $17 million per year to deal with the number one source of crime guns in Canada, which seems a pittance when we know this is a key part of the problem.

From the $327 million, the Trudeau government also promised $214 million to the provinces and territories as part of “Gun and Gang Violence Action Fund.” That works out to $42 million a year spread across 10 provinces and three territories.

Now compare that to what the government now says is their main objective for gun control — “banning military-style assault weapons.”

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said during the election that the government plans to outlaw a number of guns and buy back as many as 250,000 rifles from licensed gun owners at a cost of $600 million.


In other words, what Trudeau’s government is doing is making it clear they view law-abiding gun owners as a bigger threat than the gangs who are actually killing people.

After all, only the clinically insane or mind-bogglingly stupid would actually believe that criminals will take part in this buyback effort, especially since it’s about rifles that they’re not really using for violent crime. There’s absolutely no reason to believe the buyback would have any impact on violent crime.

So why focus on people who bought their firearms lawfully, rather than those who represent an actual problem to your country?

Well, considering how many Canadians reacted to Trudeau’s crackdown on truckers not that long ago, it’s really unsurprising that he’d make it a priority to take the guns best able to deal with a tyrannical government. For him, it’s not about gun control. It’s job security.

I don’t know that he’s wrong.

Don’t misunderstand me, I vehemently oppose it. I’m just saying that if there were ever a prime minister who might have to worry about being overthrown, it’s probably him.


He’s not spending more to deal with gangs–and gun control isn’t the way to deal with gangs either, for the record, but since Trudeau thinks it is…–because he doesn’t actually care.

Canadians need (peaceful) regime change and they need a version of the Second Amendment so would-be tinpot dictators don’t get to pull this kind of stuff in the future.

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