China keeps mixing signals on guns

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While many American products originate in China, the Asian nation is far from friendly. We’re rivals in every other way. In many ways, the word “enemies” is far more accurate.


It’s not unusual for various nations to trade barbs over what they think the other should be doing. We do it all the time, using our privately owned media to serve as the messengers.

China, however, doesn’t have to outsource it. They have their own outlets, and they use them to take aim at American gun laws.

A new law in the U.S. state of Texas forces schools to allow any and all teachers to bring guns on school grounds. The law also encourages parishioners to bring guns to church. The United States has long been known for its fanatical gun culture, and among the 50 states, Texas is one of the craziest.

With the new law, some schools are going farther than just allowing teachers to bring guns; they are actively encouraging teachers to do so. Micah Lewis, superintendent of schools in Grand Saline, a small town of 3,000 in northeastern Texas, said he thinks teachers can stop a school shooting: “One of the guardians said to me, ‘Can you believe that we’re at this point?’ When I went into education 30 years ago, I never thought this would happen.”

Guns are the problem. How is it going to help to give more guns to poorly-trained, unlicensed individuals? Is it an admission of the failure of American policing to essentially treat teachers as police officers?


This is at a website called, for crying out loud.

Meanwhile, though, China continues to make gun parts, accessories, and even firearms–including AR- and AK-pattern rifles–for export to the United States.

If guns are such an issue and China is trying to stand up for the poor, downtrodden American citizens who are being mistreated by their governments–what China has continued to term as “human rights abuses”–then why are they continuing this practice?

Sure, you could make the case that some of these companies are private enterprises, but Norinco is state-owned and they still export guns to the United States.

Further, China isn’t exactly a free-market nation. While they adopted some free-market principles in recent years, principles that helped their economy grow, the state still has a lot to say about who can do what. It’s not difficult to imagine they could put an end to all firearm-related exports to the U.S.

But they don’t.

They continue to hope to cash in all while decrying the very customers they hope to make money from.

See, they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth here. They can’t really view guns as that big of a problem in the United States as all their state-affiliated media claims or else they’d do something within their power to mitigate the issue.


They’re doing no such thing.

Instead, they’re trying to sew discord within the American public. They want our own anti-gun folks to say, “See? Even China knows it’s a problem,” without ever thinking about what another nation gains out of our own disagreements.

A disunited United States is a United States that can less effectively challenge China on the world stage.

So, they publish crap like this and hope people are too stupid to see through them.

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