San Jose kicks off "Cash for Ghost Guns" program

ajuprasetyo / Pixabay

The city of San Jose has quickly gone off the deep end when it comes to gun control. After all, they now require gun owners to have insurance, a move that even insurance companies say won’t do anything.


So it’s not surprising that they’ve fully embraced the ghost gun hysteria we see among politicians and the media. They’re so deep into the Kool-Aid that they’re kicked off a program to try and address the “problem.”

San Jose police announced a new program to get more illegal guns off the streets on Tuesday.

The program is called Cash for Ghost Guns and it comes in the wake of a violent weekend where ghost guns were involved in several shootings.

The new program would give cash to anyone with information that leads to the seizure of a ghost gun or assault rifle.

Ghost guns are untraceable homemade firearms, sometimes built from 3D printers or kits.

San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata says a higher cash reward would also be given to anyone with information about ghost gun dealers and manufacturers.

“We will refocus future funding for gun buyback toward the program that will pay cash for tips that lead to the seizure of privately made firearms,” he says.

Yeah, there’s no way this won’t be a trainwreck, now will it?

First, every criminal out there will start using this to rat out their rivals. It’ll create a massive burden for law enforcement if they have to investigate each and every report.

Especially since if I were selling illegal “ghost guns” in San Jose, the first thing I’d do is call and report as many people as possible. I’d meet someone new and report them, especially if they’re not involved in anything. I’d flood the line with bogus reports and use fake names so that it’s not linked to me, preferably from phones that don’t have actual ties to me either.


Plus, as I’ve noted elsewhere, so-called ghost guns aren’t really the problem they’re being made out to be. They’re a distraction that San Jose is using to draw attention away from the fact that they can’t deal with the violent crime the city is experiencing.

It’s a shiny object officials hope will hold the electorate’s attention long enough for crime to drop and preserve their jobs. That’s all it is.

But I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get gamed to hell and back by those who it’s meant to help catch. Again, it’s what I’d do if I were in their boots.

Then again, this is a city that thought requiring gun owners to have homeowner’s insurance would somehow create a situation where insurance companies would force people to do certain things without any regard to how insurance actually freaking works.

To say they’re not that bright would be a significant understatement, at least based on what they’ve demonstrated for the rest of the nation. There’s absolutely no reason to expect them to start acting intelligently now.

Luckily, I don’t think anyone is expecting any such thing.

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